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Plz help butterfingers with broken laptop...

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Hi All,

Maybe one of you could help me out. I have an Inspiron 1150 that I dropped the other night :frown: It landed on the power plug and the interior plug broke.

The computer seems to work fine, however, it won't charge (the interior plug is visibly moved...

I called Dell and their quoting me about $300 for a new motherboard... apparently the whole thing needs to be replaced.

Question: If it's just the plug piece, would it be worth trying to solder the connection? I really don't have $300 to drop right now.

Any thoughts?

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Since it's already broke, in other words? Sure, I guess.

Just know that there are probably seven or eight layers to your laptop's heat isn't going to be such a good idea.

I have an idea that you might want to invest in one of those cold-soldering pens on the marketplace and see if that'll get you by.

It might not even need resoldered, and you won't know if the housing for the jack just bent until something came disconnected. A quick twist with a pair of pliers might get you back up if the jack is still solidly attached.

And if a realignment gets it going again, a liberal blob of that JB Quick Weld ought to hold it there forever.

Good luck!
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