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    Jul 1, 2003
    Hi guys,

    Can I ask for your help... If you guys know anyone interested in the following items pls PM me.. Thank you very much

    And if you can suggest where i could also post this list pls let me know.. thanks again

    Reloading/Shooting Accessories

    Pact BBKII Digital Scale
    § Brand new, never been out of the box
    § Complete with AC adapter
    § Displays grains/grams
    § Selling for 8,900

    LEE 3-set Carbide Reloading Dies (.40S&W/10mm)
    § Slightly used, very good condition
    § Complete with reloading data, case, and shell holder
    § Selling for 1,800

    Bianchi Hemisphere for Glock Pistol (17,19,22,23)
    § Slightly used, very good condition
    § Retails for $80 alone
    § Selling for 3,900

    Sig Sauer Pro Grip Plate (rubber)
    § Never been used, brand new
    § Fits Sig Pro pistol, factory original part
    § Selling for 3,500

    Reloading Components:

    Once Fired Nickel Plated 9mm brass
    § Around 200+pcs
    § 99% Federal brass
    § Selling for 4/pc.

    Winchester .223 Rem Heads (projectile)
    § Moly coated
    § In packs of 100pcs
    § Selling for 4/pc

    Winchester .308Win Heads (projectile)
    § In packs of 100
    § Selling for 5/pc

    Winchester 12GA Shot shell Wads
    § 12ga, 1 to 1-5/8oz, white
    § Packs of 250/bag
    § 2 bags left
    § Selling for 450/bag

    Precision Shooting Equipment and accessories

    Walther GSP Expert Pistol (32S&W Long)
    § Slightly used, very good condition
    § Imported straight from Germany
    § Complete with case, manual and tools
    § Less than 200rnds fired
    § Complete with papers
    § Includes 1000rnd of ammunition
    § Bonus: Comes with Reloading dies & Components
    § Selling for 110,000 (neg)

    RWS Geco once fired brass (32 S&W Long)
    § Selling for 4/pc

    Lapua Once fired brass (32 S&W Long)
    § Selling for 7/pc

    Remington brass (32 S&W Long)
    § Brand new, never been used
    § Selling for 8.5/pc

    Hornady 90gr. HBWC Projectile (32 S&W Long)
    § Selling for 5/pc