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Plr 16

  1. I was at my local range the other day. I saw a KelTec PLR 16 and my initial impression was a glorified .22 pistol. Then I saw that it was chambered in 5.56/223. For $530 I seemed like a good deal. I want to do my research before I buy one so here we go. Does anybody have any experience with this weapon? Reliability, accuracy, durability? Will be used primarily for plinking, however, like all my weapons, defense capabilities are a must.

    Thanks JW
  2. M2 is the guy with the most info and pics on them but I have one that I love.

    Do a search here in general firearms for PLR16 and you will see a bunch of threads and pics.

    It's definitely a fun gun for the $$

  3. Thanks for your input. I've tried a search, however I'm primarily on my phone and for some reason it wont let me do a search. I'll try from my desktop.

  4. It's an extremely fun gun along with being very accurate and reliable.
    I liked the first one so much I bought a second one.



    Durability? Kel Tec has a No BS lifetime warranty. Have trouble with the gun or wear it out and they will repair/rebuild it at no cost.

    This is the kicker.
    I would hate to go up against someone armed with a PLR and knew how to use it.....
    but the gun has such an ear shattering muzzle blast that firing it without ear muffs outside would be very bad. Firing it inside would be terrible.
    Personally I keep my PLR's loaded but just in case if I absoutely had to use one I have a pair of ear muffs on top of the safe.
  5. The PLR-16 is no joke. Very accurate for a pistol, shoots a lethal caliber, and loud enough to wake the dead. Because the barrel is so short, it also emits large jets of flame. It's piston driven, so it's more reliable than some, and will take any regular AR-15 mag. Very good gun.
  6. Yep, forgot to mention the flame. Took mine out to the range at night once, HOLY CRAP!