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Originally posted by tabor-pm-9
The Philippines has super strick Japan style gun control now days. Of course everyone has a gun and law enforcement doesn't have the resources to enforce the laws. However, as a non-citizen getting caught with a gun is VERY SERIOUS. We are talking life sentances.

I thought gun ownership there is way better now, than say, 15 years ago?

The original thread is in here

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Manong Longbow,

I posted this to the thread:

Sorry, tabor.
Longbow is right.

The Philippines is not at all like Japan, since the latter virtually
bans private gun ownership.

The Philippines has pretty liberal gun laws, which have relaxed
incrementally over the years. In just the past two decades, nearly
half a million firearms have been licensed here , with maybe 3x
that many in the form of unlicensed, working-condition WW2 relics
and homemade 'paltik' firearms, in secret, private possession.

Heck there are quite a few LICENSED MP5's and M4's in private possession,
as well as full auto Glocks and CZ's.

Problem is, there is no literal, Constitutionally-mentioned RKBA.
The State is thus free to mess with it periodically, and it has,
particularly CCW permits (known as PTC's or PTCFOR's)

That said, the Philippines might as well be Japan for foreigners:
Only Filipino citizens can own/carry firearms within the Philippines,
with the exception of the diplomatic corps.

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