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I really like this exercise. Mostly I do a few "big" movements in my weight training. I have never been a fan of lateral raises or front raises, but I think this exercise is a bit different.

Tightly grip a 45 lb plate at waist level. Elbows fairly straight, but unlocked. Slowly and with control raise the plate straight up with arms extended until you can look through the hole, pause for a split section and slowly lower. Do not use any momentum and keep your core stable. A slight bend in the knees helps. As you get stronger add some weight on a chain or cable. I usually do this at the end of a workout. Like this past Monday.

DB Row
Overhead Press
Plate Raise
DB Sidebends

When I used to work out in a Powerlifting/Strongman gym lots of guys did this exercise. Now that I frequent a commercial gym I have never seen anyone else do them.
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