Plastic surgery joke

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    Oct 16, 2002
    A married couple have a severe accident, resulting in the total mutilation of her face. The doctor said that they couldn't reconstruct the wife's face using her own skin, due to her being too thin, and that a graft from a suitable donor would be needed.
    The husband consented to donate some of his own skin. The doctor ran some tests, and came to the conclusion that the best candidate skin would be from the husband's backside area. They agree for the wife to undergo the operation.
    Once she recovers, everyone is amazed at how beautiful she is, even more than before the accident.
    On their wedding anniversary, the wife asks the husband: "This is wonderful. I want to thank you for your sacrifice for me. How can I ever give back what you did for me?"
    "My beloved", responds the husband. "Don't worry. I get my gratification every time I see your mother kissing you on the cheek".