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Pistol for Hiking in The Continental 48

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Looking for a compact handgun that I can take with me(where legal) when I go hiking.

I don't go hunting, not against it, just not my thing. I do, however, enjoy hiking and being outside, especially in the fall.

I want something that will keep me safe from predators in all environments in the lower 48 states. Strictly for self defense, if I were chasing something I would take my rifle.

The G20 is too big. If they made a 10mm in G19 size, it be perfect for what I want it for.

Would a 3" .357 suffice or do I need something with a longer barrel/larger caliber?

Recommendations appreciated.
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G20 for me. If I’m hiking, it’s bear country for the most part. If I’m hunting in lower country sans black bears I’ll usually tote my G23.
161 - 162 of 162 Posts