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pistol assembly question?

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mga bro. tanong ko lang kung ok ba yung mag assemble ng pistol as in you buy the parts slowly or i mean on by one then have it assembled by a gunsmith or by your self kung marunong naman, parang building your own pistol at your choice, and how about sa frame, may nabibili bang frame na gawa na, does it need to licenced ?
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I bought an IMBEL receiver at the cost of 6t at Twin Pines during the late 90's during a gun show. I still had to submit requirements as if buying a whole gun.

Hope this helps,

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i'm assuming 1911 ang pistol, check out the samscor thread :)

mas ok magbuild from ground up kasi you know exactly the parts na gagamitin mo.

cost really depends on how much you can afford.;)

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+1 with vega. reqmts are the same for frame purchase, what i can't confirm up to now is that when it becomes a pistol do i:

a. submit reqmts all over again (including license fees) as per capt. tuliao
b. just get a gunsmith certificate and update my frame license - as per an FA dealer.

the thing is, i didn't see any provision on getting a gunsmith certification in Atty. Topacio's book:upeyes:



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A lot of the old threads seem to have been culled by Eric
(understandably, as pruning is a necessity). I'm not even sure
your STRanger and my Rangescor threads are still up.

You just need to cough up the fees sa FED, gunsmith ka na :freak:
Seriously, though, the schedule of fees is all I've found...
so, you know as much as I do...

Your frame registration is the same before and after you build.
'After' nga lang, you then get to submit the completed firearm
(presenting your frame reg.) for ballistic testing, et cetera
para mai-database. It's possible that you get issued a new
registration # (and license) to replace the old.

As per the original query on BYOB (building your own blaster)
Say it's a 1911... lots of parts availabe, neh? Easy-peasy, neh?

If you are mating a brand X slide to a brand Z frame, there may be
fitting issues. Worse so if the barrel isn't a match for the slide.
EVEN if you get the three to fit and cycle smoothly (filing, lapping
compound, etc.), the extractor may, by then, be at the wrong 'height'
to dependably yank out a spent cartridge from the chamber, even
though the firing pin hits enough of the primer to send a bullet
on its way.

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