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Pinch from Magazines

  1. so I went to the range today and shot my Glock30 SF put around 200 to 250 rounds thru it, well when I got home I noticed that I have the nice pinch/blister on my pinky finger from the magazine, well my question is has anyone found any way to cure this ??? I know I could just change my grip, but was wondering if anyone had other ideas, or maybe something that could fit in that space ?? thought Id ask ??
  2. A lot of people report mag pinch from the model 30. Mine does not pinch me, I guess my hands are big enough that my pinky finger barely hangs on to the mag extension, so is away from the joint between mag and grip frame.
    I have seen where guys have fit an O-ring around the magazine to remove the wobble, and therefore the pinch. You might try experimenting with some different sizes of O-rings, see if this helps.

  3. Thanks Tom thats what I had though I could slide something over the mag to fill that gap, and never thought of the O ring idea, think I will have to make a trip to Lowes tomorrow and see if I can find one that will work.. thanks for the help...
  4. The danger with the O ring solution is that it makes it a little harder to insert the magazine securely. At the range that is not a problem but for self defense it could be a serious problem.

    An alternative solution is to chamfer the edges of the grip and magazine extension where they pinch by about 45 degrees each so that the opening is a 90 degree V. If you also make this chamfer very smooth, with 1200 grip paper or so, then the flesh that gets into the moving opening is just pushed out again rather than grabbed and pinched. This chamfer does not need to be very deep to work and will hardly show to a casual inspection.

  5. The Pearce +0 grip extension (PG-30) works for me. My pinky finger is relatively slender and the PG-30 provides a place to rest it comfortably away from the gap. Some people sand the top, front edge of the PG-30 to blunt the edge.
  6. Dito on the +0 pierce extensions. Installed on both mags,no more problems!
  7. Happens with the G36 too. The Pearce extensions eliminate the problem but then the grip is longer than that of the G19/23/32/38.

    Sold my G36 for a G19 and couldn't be happier. Adding a Gen4 G38 when they come out too. The G38 is the perfect solution to the G36/30 for a .45 IMO. Holds 2 more rounds than the G36 and 2 less than the G30. Many people have been able to get 9 rounds into their standard G38 mags though making the capacity only 1 round less than the G30. The G38 is also more comfortable than both the G36 and G30 IMO.
  8. Thanks for the pics after seeing those pics I think I might get me a couple of those pearce extensions, I had the pearce +1 on my 27 but took them off LOL... any place thats cheaper than the $9.95 for them ?? I paid $7.00 for the +1's at my LGS but they dont have those for my 30..
  9. Never had a pinch on my 30, but my 19 pinched me bad, so I got rid of it. Unfortunate perhaps, but that is sometimes an option. :dunno:
  10. Use a small file or fine sandpaper and give the edges a nice radius. You don't have to take off very much. Worked wonders on my G29SF. I also smoothed the edges of the Pearce +0 extensions and it's much more comfortable.

  11. you have any pics of that ?? would like to see how it looks ??
  12. It has been so long since I purchased the Pearce PG-30, I don't recall where I got ours. You can get them on eBay for $8.97 with free shipping in the U.S.
  13. I doubt it would photograph well, given that it's so subtle (and it's black on black plastic). You don't have to take much off at all. It's just a question of smoothing the edges left over from the plastic casting process.

    To start, run the file (or sandpaper) over the back edge a couple of times and then run your fingertip over it. You'll feel the difference right away. Then you can repeat wherever you're experiencing the most discomfort.

    I then repeated the same thing on the top edge of the Pearce +0 grip.


    P.S. I'll do my best to capture some close-up shots
  14. I put tape on my finger. Works great at the range. :supergrin: