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pile of stuff and ruger 10/22 barrel

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this is a 18" .22lr barrel for a ruger 10-22 i purchased to have threaded for the wife and add a suppressor. i never got the threading done and lost intrest now. in good shape no rust or scratches (just underside where plate mounts to the action from removal). great for a project or if you want to add a suppressor or make a short barreled 10/22. make me a offer (i paid $45 + $12 for s&h) and i am always looking for trades like mags (glock 20 or 27) or 10mm ammo or whatever (i might not eaven know i want it till you tell me you have it for trade). i also have a new extended magazine reliese i am including too still in the package. i am in north centrial indiana (south bend area).

i also have the following for trade too:

3 new master cable locks for handguns or rifles in packages unopened

1 1" rubber stock extention / recoil reducer for ruger 10/22 but may fit mini-14 and mini-30 but unable to try

1 new set of leupold remington 700 aluminum scope mount bases matte black model 55890

1 ar-15 carry handle scope mount used on my ram-m4 narrowed down 1/16" for the handle but fit my friends ar-15 fine

1 quick detach scope mount for mini-14/mini-30 new in package (mounts simular to M1a/m14)
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here is a pic of the barrel
one of the 10/22 recoil pad
also have mags too for trade as well. glock 21 hi caps (.45 acp), glock 22 hi caps (.40 s&w) and a couple beretta .40 s&w hi caps as well as some glock 20 (10mm) 10 rounders and glock 21 (.45 acp) 10 rounders. i am looking for para p14 hi caps for my lda and some g20 hi caps too as well as 10mm ammo and brass (need allot) till i can start reloading. i also have piles of stock glock parts too from glocks i have upgraded. any intrest let me know
I guess from the pic it is a standard 18" barrel and not a 16-1/2" barrel?

Thanks anyway.
sorry i don't know where i got that but it is 18"
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