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Pickup drives through protestors and a fence

  1. This video short is interesting. A guy in a small truck exits a protest area pushing a motorcycle in front of him and drives through the barrier fence they had used to block the road.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1BJ3jJmFBA

    Then when you read the comments, you find a link to the earlier point where he was attacked by the peaceful protestors, and they throw the bike in front of him to prevent him from driving away - certainly so they could do him great bodily harm and destroy his truck in the process.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Guswh9i6_O8
  2. With all those sparks I was waiting for the gas in the cycle to ignite and set the truck on fire.
  4. My thoughts exactly.
  5. Works for me. Glad he made it through in one piece.
  7. I feared for my life!
  8. Well done....some little turd no longer has a bike !!!
  9. That’ll buff right out.
  10. :animlol:That was awesome!:animlol: Rioters don’t get to write all the rules... good for him, but no one should have to be subjected to that.​
  11. Until people start meeting these scum with force, they’re going to keep doing it.
  12. Good, honest media coverage.

  13. :)
  14. Is the fence OK?
  15. If you sweep aside an antifa fascist with a cow catcher mounted on your truck, does it then become a turd catcher?

    I hope the truck is, too.
  16. Don’t think so, and the bike is going to require more than rubbing compound.

    I’m surprised the leftist Portland politicians aren’t calling for the truck driver to be charged with MV theft.
  17. Dodge Pickup!
  18. That's a second gen Chevy S-10 methinks...good job by the driver.
  19. I was warning the rioters!
  20. Now that was funny!
  21. He didn't hurt anyone. Peaceful protester (of the protests).
  22. It looks like ANTIFA has moved to other places besides the Courthouse.

    There were "protests" in Eugene, 40 miles from me, last week. If that crap makes it up here......:2gun::50cal:
  23. I think it got the rubbing compound it deserved already....lol
  24. A Dodge?!

    Surprised me it's even running. :wow:

    :laughabove: :animlol:

  25. Might need something a little more fine than 10 grit.
  26. Did the protesters have a permit to block the street? No? They’re 100% responsible for and damage, injury, or loss of life. This will always be my answer whenever a roving gang of idiots plays in the street.
  27. Nothing I know of.
  28. "Did you catch him? Are we safe?"

    Maybe if you didn't attack someone while they were driving on a public road you would not have to worry about being safe...
  29. The reporter says "people are a little bit shaken up right now...". Does anyone ever ask the driver of a car surrounded by violent rioters threatening them, if they feel "a little bit shaken up"?
  30. This guy needs someone to donate a new truck.
  31. Did who catch him??? The police??
  32. :50cal::laughabove::laughabove::laughabove::laughabove:
  33. You are safe if you stay away from the violent mob. If you don’t block the public roads, attack those who stop...
    I have stopped traffic. Both with EMS and on my own. (To protect injured, prevent harm due to obstruction on road...)
    I was thanked by Deputies when I handed it over, asked to keep stopping, slowing.. traffic until they got more people there.
    Today I would be concerned a driver might legitimately fear it’s a trap. Not accident over hill, road washed out...
  34. Probably stolen.
  35. Notice how the scum in the media only shows half of the story sorta like Minneapolis?
  36. What was the whistle supposed to accomplish? A time out?

    Talk about one sided reporting.
  37. Bet the bike was stolen.
  38. Missed it by 20 minutes...