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Picked up my first bike yesterday.

  1. Well after much research and consideration I decided I wanted a sv650.

    So on Friday I went and got my temporary endorsment, and on saturday I got my bike.

    I decided that I should let my more experienced buddy take it home from the dealership. (about 40 miles of hwy)

    So last night I put 45miles on her, then this morning got up and did 60 miles, and this after noon did 100 miles with my father in law.

    So far I am loving it.
  2. You made a great purchase. The SV650 is one of the best handling bikes out there and the VTwin powerband is something to be appreciated for sure. What year is it ? New or used ? What color ?
    How about some pics ?

    I have a 2003 Yamaha FZ1.
  3. Congrats on your first bike. I doubt it will be your last.;) I have a couple myself.

    We need some pics!
  4. Here are some pics from this morning.

    It is a 2004, has 4000 miles, came with nice sargent seats etc...
    I paid 4100 otd....So I think I did ok on the price.



  5. Nice, hooray for naked standards! I was lookin' for an '03+ sv650 for a while, couldn't find a decent one.
  6. Cool beans. You finally got one. Great choice. :thumbsup:
  7. You are going to love IT . Good Luck and Ride Safe:thumbsup:

  8. Does a little windshield like that really help whogasak47?

    As for epsylum, yep I finally found one I could afford and that was in great shape.
  9. It moves the blast of oncoming wind up to helmet instead of directly to chest area. . Above 60mph ,I find it essential. Here are a couple sites just for you. The fenda extenda is Very Impt. later when you are riding in rain or on gravel roads http://www.holeshot.com/

    Good luck and Ride Safe The one below is For everything you want to know about the SV Great site. they are a big help.

  10. Nice bike, love the look of the SV :)
  11. Good purchase and the yellow looks sweet!!!

    The Sargent seat will come in handy, that's an accessory that will pay for itself over and over again.

    BTW, Leo Vince can will make that V-twin sing the sweetest song!!! And when you're ready to upgrade the suspension, Race-Tech makes some nice valve/spring kits plus emulator for the front forks.

    That SV650 is a modern classic. Once in a while a great bike comes out and that SV is one of those great bikes.
  12. SWEET BIKE..... tomorrow I plan to take the same leap you took and pick up a sv :) just not sure if I want the naked or the svs.
  13. If you can, take a test ride on both. Most dealers will allow this to serious buyers. That way you get the best one for you. Good Luck and Ride Safe:thumbsup:
  14. Nice Bike, I bought my first bike friday and got it today, also had a friend ride it home. I havent taken the MSF class so the only riding I've done is up and down the driveway learning the clutch/throttle.
  15. I wouldn't say most. The dealer my brother used to work at (the oldest Honda dealer in the US but sells all of the big 4) would not allow it for a couple reasons.

    1. People when by themselves on a modern sport bike, take it out and rape it. Now how could they sell a bike that has less than 10 miles but has seen 10,000+ rpm under load on several occasions as "new"? A modern sportbike rivals any supercar in terms of engine technology. They HAVE to be broken in properly.

    2. The very very few instances that a salesman has let someone do a test ride, some of the people didn't even make it out of the parking lot without driving straight into a telephone pole (one was a BRAND NEW Yamaha R1). Those salesmen usually found themselves without a job very soon afterward.

    If you can find one that does do test rides, cool. But do understand there are good reasons some don't. As usual it is because of a-holes ruining it for the rest of us.
  16. It's a valid point, but "proper" break-in is very controversial.

    Here is an interesting read:

    I've raced on engines with less than 10 minutes of run time. Smart or not, I don't know.

    I do agree that it's tough calling a bike "new" after it's had several high speed sessions. We need more "demo" units.:thumbsup:
  17. how long did the motors last?
  18. About 6 months, which is my usual service life for my race bike engines. My 2005 is on it's 4th piston and second set of crank main bearings.

    As many RPMs as they turn... If they last a few minutes, then they are good to go. If you made a mistake, it'll be apparent real fast.
  19. Not to hijack the thread, but I'd definitely lean towards more conventional break in period for street bikes. Track & race bikes where you know you're going to rebuild the engine = diff story. My personal bike needs to be broken in with longevity of engine in mind, not just being able to squeeze every last tiny piece of juice out of the motor.
  20. If you can take someone about 6' 240 lbs. and get them to hold bike you are sitting on in riding position. Then you can decide between sv and svs , choose wisely. They are both great. One will be best for you. One will "feel better" than the other.
    Good Luck and Ride Safe:thumbsup:

  21. I used to think that too until I was at BMW of NA. At the end of the line the cars were put on the dyno and ran at close to full throttle for 10 minutes. I thought to myself if someone thinks they need to break one of those motors they are just wasting their time.
  22. 500 mils so far! gotta put a new tire on it in the morning, and then off for 200 miles!

    I cant wait to get out of work and ride!
  23. So...begins your journey to the dark side. The black tarmac beckons with unwavering insistence. The sweat drips across the brows in anticipation as you reach for the helmet. The thump-thump V-twin idling increasing to a cacophony of growl and roar as the right wrist rolls backward.
  24. I don't think you could have made a better choice for a first motorcycle. It's light, good tractable power, good looking, great brakes.:thumbsup:
  25. Well, I picked up some rubber and a set of frame sliders.

    I sent sunday scruffing them in and enjoying the bike. They're metzeler m1's and so far I like em.
  26. Well, I think it is time for a pipe, and for the money the leo vince slipon looks like a winner.

    Hope it sounds good:banana:
  27. oh, and just to add, I am up to 1400 great miles!
  28. Get a full pipe. They sound better and give better performance.

    Good brands:

    Yohshimura (it IS a Suzuki after all ;) )
    Two Brothers

    I have not heard them on twins, but around here the D&D slip-on is the poser pipe. On I-4s, they sound like a trumpet that had been smashed with a hammer. It ruins the I-4 scream, but all the posers (the ones who would rather use their bike as a parking lot stool, than riding it) love them.

    Also get it jetted on a dyno, or by someone who knows what they are doing and can do it by the seat of the pants.
  29. Cool bike. I'm looking to get a naked SV1K.
  30. Well I ordered a m4 slip on.

    I'm just looking for sound.

    From what I read, the best tuned full system will pick up about a 4.5-5.5 hp on a sv650

    A slip on will give you two hp.
  31. enjoy the sv. they are great bikes. the m4 slip on will give you the sound you desire. once you start riding twins it is hard to go back to an inline motor. i am on my second twin. started with an honda rc51 and now i have a ducati monster s2r. have fun. joe
  32. Put the can on yesterday, sounds fan-freakin-tastic!

    pics soon.
  33. Ok, So I finally got around to taking some pics of the new can, and to make up for the delay, I took a shot of the buell pegs I made fit.






    The pegs and exhaust are great.

    Next I got to do something about that rear fender
  34. Very nice work and very nice photos!!!
  35. Beautiful bike, X. I don't know if they make one for yours but look into Clear Alternatives, Inc. integrated tail/stop/turn lights. I put one on the Triple and was able to ditch that gawdawful platic junk off the tail. Looks just like stock. Tag mount is homemade. HH