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Picked up an awesome Nighthawk Tri-Cut Carry :):):)

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I’ve had this in the works for a few months now, but I’ve stretched my gun budget a little thin this year. I’m still waiting on several custom 2011’s that are paid in full, as well as everything else I recently picked up, such as the TRS Comp, DR920P,, and AF-1 Ergal. :cool:

Tri-Cut Carry 9mm | Nighthawk Custom

The Tri Cut Carry is literally one of the nicest 1911’s I’ve ever seen from a styling standpoint. I love the business-like appearance and the incredible attention to detail. The Tri Cut is a commander size 9mm 1911. As the name suggests, the theme of the gun’s features tri cut angles on the slide and frame. Even the black aluminum grips are cut in that fashion. This results in a very striking appearance that is jet black in color (also available in a stainless look). The flat trigger is standard and the gun features stippling on the front strap, back strap, trigger guard, trigger face, slide top, and even the magazine release button. The 9mm bull barrel adds to the awesome looks and adds some weight up front. The gun weighs 39oz empty, so its definitely heavy for a commander. Other than those features, the entire pistol is blended and dehorned for carry, hence the name. Despite that name, there’s no way I’m carrying a $5000 1911 anywhere. In fact, I never carry expensive pistols of any kind.

In typical Nighthawk fashion, the execution of the Tri Cut is flawless. The gun is smooth, yet tight, and everything is fitted perfectly. I especially love the appearance of the muzzle with the deep crown. I’m also a big fan of aluminum grips and I feel they add to the appearance and the quality feel of the gun. These are more for looks than function though, being smooth. With their black color, I can’t even imagine trying to pick this pistol up after its been sitting in the sun on a hot summer day.

Overall, I’m thrilled with the pistol and this will likely be the last 1911 I buy, at least for some time. I own quite a few and I only buy the high end models, so the money adds up quickly. :eek:

Anyone else own a Tri Cut? I ask because I never see them posted on the forums. :unsure:

Please enjoy the pics and share your thoughts.

Thanks! :D

Here it is with my other Nighthawks, which include three 1911's and a 2011.

(Costa Compact, Tri Cut Carry, Agent 2 Commander, and TRS Comp)