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Picked up a P2000

  1. Picked up a P2000 V2 in 40S&W this evening. Four mags, night sights (bright) and an additional HK .357sig barrel. Traded a S&W 380 BG and $275 for it. Can’t find a mark on it, looks like it’s never been carried. BD on the pistol and BE on the .357sig barrel. Really looking forward to trying this one out at the range, perhaps even our local Outlaw match.

    I see several other folks just recently got into a P2000. Feels good to get back into an HK.
  2. Congrats on your HK.

  3. Congratulations!!

  4. And you post no pictures??!?? Fail
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Absolutely terrible deal. I will take it off your hands for $325.
  7. Well, the wife now has her 380EZ and had zero interest in the 380 BG and I already had my pretty pink LCP so the BG became an extra. On AL the seller/trader was specifically asking for a BG and cash so figured it was a good option. Did some pricing when I came home and it really seems like a good deal. The BG with laser and 5 mags cost me $350. Add in the $275 so I’m into it for $625 total. I’m seeing the P2000 in .40 for around $600+ without night sights. Add another $100 for NS, probably around $150+ for an HK 357 barrel and $70 for the extra couple of mags and it’s a $900+ package give or take. Take a chunk off for ‘used’ and I feel like I’m still ahead on the deal. Pistol looks like it’s never been carried.
  8. Yeah, you are in good shape. Nice purchase.
  9. Very nice, indeed!
  10. Rather than start another thread, the P30 I just picked up yesterday in 9mm. Fits the same holsters I have for the P2000 of course which is a nice bonus.

  11. Congrats on your P2000, they are built like tanks!
  12. They really are built very well. Now that I'm back into HK platforms I realize how much I missed them. In particular I've been wanting to get back into a hammer-fired pistol and now I've been fortunate to get a couple of good ones.
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    Looks great! I sure like mine.
  14. Get an extended mag release for that P2000 from Hk parts. Its well worth the $$.
    I found the stock release to be a little too small. This was a huge improvement and it still doesn’t stick out past the widest part of the trigger guard.
  15. Appreciate the tip :cheers:

    Just ordered that part.
  16. Range report:

    Yesterday afternoon I took my niece's husband to the range. He doesn't have any firearms but is interested (and he's shot with me before). I took a sampling of five different pistols, the P2000 V2 .40 S&W and the P30 V3 9mm were two of those pistols. Wow! I really enjoyed each of those pistols. Starting off with the P30, the DA trigger pull was very nice and smooth. The SA, of course, was even lighter and smoother. It was an easy transition between the two. Accuracy was simply superb. Gave me a chance to show him various types of triggers such as DA/SA, DAO and striker). I might play around with the side panels and back strap a bit but it was very comfortable to shoot with the panels and strap that are on there now.

    The P2000 turned out to be my favorite between the two, though it was a tough call. During one string of fire I put the target out to about 15 yards and was shooting the little scoring box in the upper right corner. Well, I'm not a world-class pistol shot but I am, in all modesty, a very good shot. I use to do head shots at 25 and 35 yards with my G26. But I was exceedingly pleased with how well the P2000 grouped the shots in that little box. Most shots touching and many going through the same hole. That pistol, even with the stouter .40's was pleasant and a joy to shoot. This is definitely going to be my new woods-carry pistol. That allows the G22.4 to stay on HD duty (which gives me a high capacity Glock at each end of the house as well as in the middle).

    So as mentioned above, my EDC and HD needs are met with the Glocks and Sig P365 so this allows the HK's do be used for woods-carry duty and matches. I'm very pleased with these two pistols.

    I ordered an extended mag release for the P2000 (thanks 45caldan). That is scheduled to arrive Saturday. I also ordered a few boxes of .357sig ammo so that I can try that barrel in the P2000. Should arrive Friday. Hopefully it will be just as pleasant to shoot as the .40 S&W. Don't really plan to carry with .357sig but wanted to have the option and some experience with it.
  17. Congrats on a great pistol.
  18. I received the extended mag release several days ago. Very quick shipping. Haven't had the chance to put it on as of yet, hopefully today or tomorrow. Out-of-state company keeping me busy :)
  19. Okay, I replaced the mag release with the extended version I purchased from HKpro and love it! Makes a superb pistol even better! This is fast becoming my favorite pistol. Still have the 40 S&W barrel in it and will likely keep it that way. Makes we curious about the P2000sk version.

    Thanks again 45caldan.
  20. Local LEO's used them here for a few years but had problems with getting them serviced . Went to Glock .
  21. Think my HK itch has been scratched [​IMG]

    Traded for an HK USP Compact V1 9mm tonight.

  22. Nice pistols in this thread. Congrats!
  23. Thank you. I traded a Ruger LC9s with night sights and light/laser combo. Tossed in a few holsters and three boxes of ammo but felt I really came way ahead in the deal. He did well also as he bought the USP new from a buddy that had a gun store that was closing. So he bought it at a deep discount. I'm seeing these upwards of $700+ depending on the source and I didn't have nearly that much into the Ruger so win-win for both of us.
  24. Contacted HK Parts this afternoon about their 9mm barrel. According to them, the 9mm barrel will fit, without issue in the P2000 that is chambered in 40 S&W so that it can be converted to 9mm. This would give me a 3-in-1 pistol. However, it is $230 plus whatever the shipping will be. So do I get the barrel for the 3-in-1 or just get a P2000 in 9mm? There is one available locally on AL for $550 with 5 mags. Or get another USPc in 9mm with 6 mags for $600. Decisions decisions.
  25. Nice trade, USP is a top shelf handgun. The P2000 is just as nice, slightly more "modern" but just as nice. The USP in 40 recoil is similar to a 9mm in other handguns.
  26. I was about to start a thread to get opinions on a USPc in 40 S&W. Do you have one. Any additional thoughts would be welcome.
  27. I do have one as well as a P30 v3 in 40 s&w that's a great shooter. I have a P2000 in 9mm. You really can't go wrong on any USP.
  28. Damn DeputyDave, you’re not messing around. Nice HK’s.
  29. Have it in .45 and like it.
  30. I've been on an HK kick lately. :)
  31. I can relate. :O
  32. Yes you have! I’ve bought three since September and just got back from a LGS and handled a Jet Funneled 9mm USP Expert, had to walk away, I really like my wife!

    Even though that one is next on my (to grab) list!
  33. Do you have any HK carbines on your wishlist? The USCs are really cheap right now.
  34. To be honest, I really don’t know much about HK carbine offerings. I wouldn’t be opposed though.
  35. The first production run USCs were $1650.

    Then HK quit making them and the price went to $2300.

    Second production run they’re $1450 with soft demand.

    I’ll bet HK quits making them again.

    The gray ones will be worth $$$
  36. I’ve always wanted one, I posted on here not too long ago that 10 or so years back I turned one down for $799, I’ve regretted it ever since!

    I honestly haven’t looked for one in a while, where are you seeing them cheap at? I’m definitely interested!
  37. Gunbroker. I haven’t been ripped off by a local dealer or gun show in years.
  38. I broke my TRS on my V2 P2000 .40 at 6708 rounds. Replaced TRS.

    The frame became unserviceble at around 9689 rounds. Trigger would no longer reset.
  39. Man, you kicked some MAJOR butt on that deal! I'm not sure what the going rate is for that Ruger, but I can't remember the last time I saw anything HK for less that $650!