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Picked up a new Revolver....

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I was in need of a smaller(backup) gun. I have been trying to decide what to get all week. The 3 revolvers I wanted were:
Ruger SP101
Smith & Wesson 642
Ruger LCR

I handled all 3, and I wish I could have bought all three, BUT I couldn't. I did lots of research on the three and decided on the 642. I went and picked it up this morning. I love this little gun. I also bought some Speed strips, and cheap leather IWB holster, 5 boxes of WWB Range ammo, and a box of Hornady Critical Defense +P for carry. I still need to get a better holster(any suggestions?) I still plan on picking up a LCR in the future. I chose the 642 because of it's track record. I did get the model with the lock, which some people don't like. Hopefully its not an issue. ANYWAYS, Here are some pics.....

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Very nice! As far as holsters, I really like DM Bullard I have two of his Dual Carry holsters for my BHP and 1911. Prices are good in my opinion, however there is a somewhat long turn around time, at least a month. However he hand makes each holster himself.
Great choice, I've wanted one for some time.
Very nice. I prefer higher capacity, but if I didn't I would have me one of those.
Nice. Congrats
Congrats. You can never go wrong with 642. One of the best CC guns of all times.
I inherited when my brother passed away. I used to break his stones about it, because I was of the opinion "bigger is better"

In the nine years I have owned it, I have carried that more than anything other.
I really like the 642. It is very light(easy to carry) The only thing I don't like about it is the trigger. I am hoping it will "break-in" and lighten up a little. I do need some more practice with it. I will probably go put another 50rounds through it today. I have been searching numerous sites trying to find a nice IWB holster for it...Still looking. I will probably pick up a kydex pocket holster also.
Excellent revolver. Great for cc.
I recently picked one up also. Now, if I could only learn to shoot the little bugger.
There's Barber Leatherworks that has advertised on this sight. I have one of his holsters and it is tocp notch quality.
I recently picked one up also. Now, if I could only learn to shoot the little bugger.
Yesterday when I went to the range, I brought my G19 and the 642. I shot my G19 first. Then I tried to shoot the 642 the same way/same grip as the G19....Bad idea. I got a nice cut on my thumb. :crying:
I finally learned the proper grip. Now I need to master the trigger. I haven't fired a revolver in a few years, so I have some more practicing to do. :supergrin:
You will get used to it. Shooting a revolver(especially a J-frame) is definitely a different skill than an auto. Don't worry, the trigger will smooth out over time as you use it.

If you want a good OWB holster look at the Silver Dollar from Simply Rugged. I just started carrying my J-frame in one and love it. The design protects the gun more than most while still allowing a fast presentation.
Congrats on the 642, best pocket gun going IMO.
Keep in mind, those 110gr Critical Defense loads are gonna hit really low vs your point of aim, like 4" at 50ft.
Not a big deal at combat distances, but it might mess with your head if you're thinking it's 'you'.

From my model 49, they were well below my point of aim at 50ft, but they grouped good.:supergrin:

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