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Picked up a new Gen 5 G26...

6603 Views 61 Replies 37 Participants Last post by  rfd339 LGS got one in finally. Unfortunately, not a Blue Label but this will do. I dislike finger groves on the G19 and smaller but the Gen 5 cured that for me. No range time for a while as I am moving but I think I will like. I put night sights and added two 12 round Glock mags.

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I’m looking forward to adding a 26.5 to my collection. I got a couple Cabela’s gift cards for Christmas burning a hole in my pocket. Just doesn’t appear they are stocking them yet.

Hopefully, soon.

What’s weird to me is, they are not listed on their website. Gen 4 is, but not the 5. Might give them a call.
Just gave them a buzz. Must be quite popular. They have one in stock, but it’s the display model and $629. Going to sit and wait to snag one when they replenish stock.

27.4 will do just fine until then.
1 - 3 of 62 Posts
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