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Picked up a new Beretta 81FS

  1. My first acquisition of the new year is a Beretta 81FS. This is a 7.65 (.32acp) pistol with a 12 round mag. The model 81 dates back to the 70's and has had a few variations. The FS version is the newest. Although it has been in production for several years, I have not been able to find where any have been for sale in the US prior to this batch coming in. If I am wrong, please correct me. The earlier versions such as 81, 81B and 81BB have been available. The gun is made in Italy and has the CN (2015) date code. I guess I am a bit of an oddball in that my two favorite pistol calibers are the 7.65 and the 10mm, two very different calibers ( I have to admit I own more 9mm pistols)
    IMG_0226.JPG IMG_0224.JPG IMG_0223.JPG IMG_0222.JPG
  2. Very nice, Greg

    I've got an original from 1981. They're cool pistols. I'm a fan of the 32ACP.

  3. nice find do you know were I can get one
  4. PM sent.
  5. A new toy is always sweet.
  6. Wow. That is cool. I didn't know that they made a FS version of that gun. Thanks for sharing, it reminds me of the time I almost bought an 84FS, but went with the 92FS. Enjoy and congrats.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I didn't even know they still made those.
  8. Congrats on a very attractive gun. Big fan of the 81. :thumbsup:
  9. Congrats, that's a nice little pistol!
  10. I'll have to bring mine along the next time we shoot, Bucky. :cool:
  11. They certainly are, Doug. :cool:
  12. I joined the Beretta forum a couple of weeks ago to do some research on the 81. Yesterday I posted the pics of my 81FS it caused a small amount of excitement. It seems I was the first member to post about getting the 81FS. Apparently I was correct in that this version had never been available in the US before. One of the first things that was noticed was that it didn't have an import mark. I hope to go to the range on Tuesday to see how it shoots
  13. Very nice! I love .32 ACP, and the 81 series Berettas.
  14. I'd like that very much, actually. :thumbsup:
  15. I took the 81 FS to the range today. I only put 50 rounds through it but function was perfect. The ammo was 40 rounds of 71gr fmj and 10 rounds of 60gr XTP hollowpoints, all handloaded by me. It took me a couple of mags to get a feel for the gun. After that accuracy was very good.
  16. Great to hear :cool:
  17. I love it. Very cool gun.
  18. .32 ACP is an absolute delight to shoot, I just wish it was cheaper. When my kids were small my first step up from a .22lr was a .32 ACP in the form of an Astra 3000. The little Astra fit their hands like a Colt Commander fits my hands, so they were both able to just plain go to work with the .32 Astra.

    If I had a better bank account I could SERIOUSLY get hooked on .32's, and there are a LOT of really cool ones out there to be had for not too much cash. I'd love to have a Savage 1907, that is one seriously cool pistol.
  19. Yeah, I've got a lot of cool old 32's. I love the round too.
  20. Very nice looking gun.

    Is it DA/SA, safety lever pointing forward to fire, down to decock and rotate firing pin out of alignment, just like the 92 FS? Or are there differences in the mechanics of how that all works?
  21. It is DA/SA. When the safety lever is pointed forward in the "fire" position it is down. You then raise it to the "safe" position. For some reason this only partially covers the red dot. At this point the slide is locked and pulling the trigger will drop the hammer. I assume it is not hitting the firing pin. I will verify this the next time I take it to the range. If you push the lever up a bit more it decocks the pistol.
  22. I wonder if it could be reamed in chamber to accept the 32NAA and a slight mod or the magazine or use 380 magazines, it would be a much more potent gun and outclass the 380. Read the 4 inch barrel ballistics.

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  23. If you ever decide that you don't want it, I'll happily take that pistol off your hands. I have a couple of 81BB's, one nickel and one blued, but they're not near as nice. I just bought an 81FS off of GunBroker. I'm eager to get it home and see how it compares.