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Picked up a G21SF

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So I decided to dump my 1911 (DW CCO) and get a Glock chambered in .45acp. 13+1 FTW!
The G21SF just felt right. It was hard to find one locally. Lots of 4th gen 21s though.
My second trip to the range I will say I had two jams while shooting some Winchester fmj. Today I went back and shot some Federal (fmj and hst) with no issues.

I've added a Wolff 4lb striker spring, glock "-" connector and adjustable rear sight. I have a G19 with similar mods and a stock G35 and I will say that the G21 punishes a poor trigger squeeze much more readily than the other two. The dreaded low left syndrome will happen fast if you don't manipulate the trigger properly. So far I've only got about 275 rounds through her. Don't know that it'll see ccw duty right away as I feel much more confident with the 19 right now. But with more practice who knows.

One of my targets at 10yds. Darn flier on the head shot group:steamed:
Took some shots at the scoring legend too.

This holster is tight. Needs some break in.

Who else has some G21SF love to share?
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I also traded my 1911 for the G21sf. My S&W SS 1911 was the most accurate hand gun I have ever owned and I knew the G21sf would never be as accurate "for me". To me my 1911 was more accurate and felt perfect in my hand but the reason I traded for the G21 was that I loved to shoot the 1911 but "HATED" reassembling it after cleaning, it was a Pain.........
I am happy with the G21SF as it is accurate enough and holds 13+1 rounds. I was surprised the G21 chambers a round much smoother than my 1911 and although I have only shot 300 flawless rounds with it, it is now my home defense gun.

I hear you. My CCO was extremely accurate when I did my part. One time I put three rounds in one hole at a 25 yd target while standing with factory ammo. Then I got excited and threw the next 2 way, way off. Hostage targets at 10yds were cake.

However, in the end, after only about 800rds through it it started getting picky. I was tired of throwing money at mags/followers/ammo to figure it out so I sold it locally. It went to a good home to keep a cbob company.

I think my G21 could be as accurate but it will require more work from me. Those DW triggers are sweet:cool: And I can say that felt recoil on the G21 is greater than that of the CCO.

My one beef is that a G21 on your hip with a full mag can really drag your britches down! The galco fletch is ok, a kydex blackhawk I have allows a little flopping. I might have to get a shoulder rig for this thing.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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