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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by pupcuss27, Aug 19, 2007.

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    May 13, 2007
    I need advice if you know about the Google Picasa 2 Web Album

    program. It's Google's version of Photo Bucket I think. I have

    uploaded some photo's and have found the way to copy and paste

    the "HTML Photo's Root info" into a thread here on our site. This

    finally works all right and am able to post photo's now...*BUT*...

    IN PICASA 2 - I have uploaded my collection of those funny short

    commercial video clips into an Album in Picasa 2. The videos upload

    all right, can be viewed, organized, emailed etc. Although when I go

    to the Album where My Videos are, I select the video that I want to

    link to one of our treads and cannot find any kind of "HTML code" as

    found when I pull up a photo to post. After selecting the video, the

    image comes up of the video in a Web Page, just like a photo would,

    but the Web Page does not have any type of selection tab on the right

    side of window where the option of Linking would appear.

    I've seen 100's of post's that will take you to these video style

    links, with the (www.XXXX.xxx) or whatever is shown.

    My videos are saved on my Hard Drive as well as uploaded to Picasa.

    If anyone can assist me, with a easy to follow way to post or Link my

    video's to one of our Glock Talk threads, please let me know the drill

    I need to learn. I've all ready consulted a favorite moderator whose

    helped me with other question's but the moderator did not know the

    Picasa program from Google. Picasa 2 is light years ahead of where I

    was just a month ago and really hope it will work some how with video

    files. My moderator requested that your "TECH TALK" Forum would be

    the place to go for assistance.

    Any idea's for me ? Sent me a PM or email if ya' need to go into