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Photos taken by members.

  1. This is a place to post photos taken by members. Please post some info on the pics you post. Please keep it to pics that you took and not things pasted from the net.
    Took this one morning behind the cabin in New Mexico.
    Goose Lake.
    Hiking on the trail to Middle Fork Lake.
  2. What I am eating right now:

    • ELK STRIP $32.00
      Served with a mushroom bacon mashed, grilled squash with a chipotle red wine sauce.

  3. Oh my... :eat:
  4. The potatoes actually have green peppers in them instead but I am not complaining.
  5. My yesterday. Loaded French toast with sweet potato fries. Then some time at Venice Beach.


  6. French Onion to start:

  7. Edited/Deleted since I did not play by the rules.

    Edited again more than one year later:

    Here is the photo that I posted originally and then deleted - - -


    Image Title:
    "The inside of my lens cap. Which I forgot to remove before pressing the shutter release."

  8. Took these two a few weeks ago in my backyard. First, and only, snow of the year...


  9. Took this one about 20sec ago :supergrin:

  10. Turkey Bend Park, Tx Bluebonnets
  11. This is supposed to be some famous bridge or something.....[​IMG]
  12. [​IMG]

    Not sure what to think about those 'sesame seeds'.


    Here's just what you need to keep trespassers out of your rickety old water slide...a rusty fence and some attack goats.


    Finally, a candidate I can fully support.

  13. The most precious thing on earth and
    there are some that want to abort.
  14. This was from Holland, Michigan in 2012 when I visited New Holland Brewing Company.

  15. If you look real hard you can see me passed out in the grass........
  16. A Picture of my dog in the Bluebonnets.


    A picture from a nice 3mile off leash dog park/trail. Took this a few years ago, but we actually just got back from the same trail about 5 minutes ago.
  17. Why are you nekkid?
  18. Her attempting to stalk the bunny that comes in my backyard on a weekly basis. She has never come close to catching it.

  19. That is a great pic.
  20. That's why I passed out, duh.
  21. I had a turkey on wheat with asiago cheese and alfalfa sprouts, kettle chips, and a coke. This pic may have been too slow.
  22. unnamed.jpg
  23. Hull Massachusetts. (actually downtown Boston from the end of Hull) One of my favorite spots.

  24. Final Conspirator Photos 2 146.JPG
  25. Part of a 3 day hike on the Routeburn track in New Zealand. Pretty much the entire 3 day hike was views like this. IMG_0821.jpg

    Part of the same hike. My tent was about 100ft behind me in this picture. I took this one about 5min after waking up in the morning. I was happy with this one because I hand held the camera for it. I wish I had my tripod for this hike, but I couldn't find a spot in my pack for it.
  26. I took this down town STL a few years ago after eating at Jake's.
  27. IMG_0276.JPG
    My youngest girl
  28. 20160723_151951.jpg
    PNC Park the Pirates home field in Pittsburgh.
  29. [​IMG]

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  30. Yesterday I was in traffic in College Station, Texas.

    Germans to the left of me.

    Army to the right!

    Here i am, stuck in the middle!
  31. If he gets elected chances are he will be an old Boozer when he gets out.
  32. [​IMG]
    Wood peckers were busy.

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  33. Sunrise at Rainbow Curve, Rocky Mountain National Park.

  34. [​IMG]

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  35. [​IMG]

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  36. 20170308_135323.jpg
    One of my "happy places"
  37. Finally. A picture of your Jackboot.

  38. 800px-Abrams_Tank_at_the_Dona_Anna_Range.jpg P1000086.JPG

    Fort Bliss straddles the Texas New Mexico borders. All M1 tanks are taken there for a workout before being accepted by the Army. Static pictures don't do justice to them booking across the desert.
  39. swaw_thunderstorm.jpg
  40. ntxt- tech difficulties.
  41. IMG00015-20100815-1310.jpg
  42. P1000036.JPG P1000035.JPG P1000040.JPG

    Holloman AFB and Alamogordo NM are intertwined, so the base has special days when the locals can come out and look at the toys. A-10, B-1, and F-22 are on display, the F-117's are hidden, of course.
  43. roadrunner.JPG e2c035e4-a4d1-4f7f-96dc-529ac6f36427_DSC_0402.jpg

    New Mexico is the only state whose state bird is a member of the cuckoo family. Roadrunners fly quite well whenever the annoying little s**ts want to. But they eat rattlers so they're tough!
    Carlsbad caverns with shapes by nature, colored lights by The National Park Service is breath taking over and over.
  44. This guy was living on my trash can. tree frog.jpg
  45. Was that you? :rofl:
  46. Sitting under my covered patio with a glass of scotch.
    I love big storms.

  47. Arches National Park, Moab, UT. I grew up in the northeast. The desert was so impressive. IMG_0210.JPG
  48. rockin 2.JPG

    In Maine you fight the apocalyptic battle between the United States Post Office and snow plows. You install your mailbox at the streets' edge in spring, and the snow plows remove them in winter. Here's a pic of the most extreme attempt I've seen to not installing a new mailbox each spring. It speaks volumes to the frustration of the competition. The wood is mostly 6 by 6's, pic doesn't do it justice.
  49. Loving lizards on the house. IMG_0793.JPG
  50. IMG_0222.JPG San Juan Mountains, just north of Silverton, CO.
  51. A friend who was also under the patio with me. I let her stay and catch bugs for a full year before she finally disappeared.

    She was slightly larger than a credit card.