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Photo attached. Block 26 Gen 4 misfires. Help

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Greetings from Pennsylvania. Glad to be here.

1st Glock, and the only pistol I own. I've taken 20 classes with instruction. 5,000+ rounds in 8 months.

Now the Glock 26 Gen 4 is experiencing off-center "light" primer strikes. The gun is clean. Firing pin channel is bone-dry, un-lubricated and spotless. When the firing pin stop is held down, the firing pin drops free with gravity & easily shakes like a baby's rattle. A Glock armorer Replaced both the firing pin spring and recoil assembly spring with new identical Glock parts. The photos attached are of the primers. The single round is what the misfires look like. The three cases are successfully fired.

CCI blazer brass a few time, and Aguila many times. Ideas?

Hopefully the images will attach.

If the photos won't attach, how do I do that?
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Life is good
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Welcome to the forum.
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