Philippines Ahead of Curve

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    Below an article from Pravda about a recent spate of women presidents.
    Nothing new for us Filipinos. We've had two (Cory and GMA), and might have a third (Ping Lacson.)

    Women gradually take the world under their

    01/21/2006 14:21
    Women are being elected presidents in different

    "I wonder if anybody could imagine a female
    president in Chile some 20 years or 10 years ago, even
    5 years ago," said Chile's new president Michelle
    Bachelet shortly after being sworn in. It is worthy of
    note that Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was inaugurated also
    this week as a new president of Liberia. She became
    the first woman who became head of state in the
    history of Africa. Few analysts doubt that Tarja
    Halonen will win in a runoff of the presidential
    election in Finland.

    Is the "female expansion" into big politics an
    accidental event or a trend? Has the role of women
    changed in the modern world? Below are the opinions of
    Russian experts - Sergei Markov, Denis Dragunsky and
    Boris Makarenko.

    Sergei Markov, the Director of the Institute of
    Political Studies:

    It is a trend, and the role of women has
    changed. Women have been coming into politics for a
    long time now. It is a three-stage journey. The first
    stage was completed after women got the right to vote.
    The destruction of a patriarchal family marked the
    second stage. As a result, women started to cast their
    votes in accordance with their views, not as they were
    told by their husbands. The third stage drew to a
    close as women were elected to parliaments and
    appointed to governments. Now we see a new stage
    taking shape - women are being elected presidents in
    different countries.

    All of the above make part of a long process of
    emancipation of women. The process is far from over.

    Aside from emancipation, there is yet another
    trend. I expect a much higher percentage of women to
    play an important role in politics. Woman will
    dominate politics one of these days.

    All and all, women are becoming a more important
    force all over the world.

    The importance of a physical force is gradually
    decreasing. A rational analysis that is a
    characteristic of the male seems less important these
    days than intuition, a female quality. A person of the
    past was supposed to concentrate on one important
    business (suitable for men). Nowadays it is essential
    that a person be able to keep several projects going.
    Making decisions on a 'friend or foe' basis was an
    important requirement of the past. Today you should
    carefully build interpersonal relations in order to

    I am not talking about politics only. The role
    of women in managing various institutions can only
    grow bigger.

    Fortunately, my world will still be the men's
    world, anyway. We do not know how the women's world
    will look like. There are a few good things with
    regard to a female way of management e.g. a propensity
    for making compromises. However, there are other
    characteristics that do not look so placid. Take a
    look at commercials targeting female consumers. A new
    trend shows aggressiveness as an embodiment of the
    modern woman.

    However, thus far the majority of female
    politicians, the so-called 'iron ladies, have
    displayed men's qualities.' I believe soon those
    ladies will be replaced by female politicians that
    will do men's job in a female way. Yulia Tymoshenko is
    one of the most flagrant examples.

    Denis Dragunsky, scientific leader of the
    research institute "Public Agreement":

    It is a trend, and a very good one. The role of
    women in politics has changed. It has become more
    important. It does not apply exclusively to the
    feminist movements that brought about radical changes
    in politics in 20th and 21st centuries. This is the
    only way of the development of democracy for it can be
    assessed by a degree of participation of various
    strata of citizens in the democratic processes. The
    analysis implies using a range of principles from
    racial to property to age and gender.

    Many women are still aware of this side of life.
    However, taking part in the decision-making is getting
    natural for women.

    Taking into account that a woman has won the
    presidential race in Chile, the significance is even
    higher. Latin America's equatorial machismo is the
    other side of adulation for the woman. Chile has
    always looked like a variety of Latin American
    Prussia. Too much masculinity wearing military uniform
    at all times. The emergence of a female president in
    such a militarist country as Chile is a lot more
    important than electing a female president in

    Boris Makarenko, deputy director of the Center
    of Political Technologies:

    It is a coincidence as well as a trend. Women in
    the top executive positions are hardly a news item in
    Europe or anywhere else. Let us recall India and
    Israel headed by women in the 20th century. The real
    news is that women assumed top executive positions
    within a week in different parts of the world.

    The process of emancipation goes on, it is a
    universal trend. But an emancipation rate differs in
    different countries. Scandinavian countries have the
    highest rate. I would say that the process of complete
    erasure of gender barriers has been virtually
    completed. It is unsurprising to see women becoming
    presidents in Finland and Norway.

    Emancipation has made considerable progress in
    most countries. It resulted in creating conditions for
    the election of women. At the same time, a complete
    social equality still belongs to the future. A number
    of reasons normally lie behind the election of a woman
    to the position of a chief of state. A charismatic
    personality e.g. Margaret Thatcher has good chances of
    being elected. A strong woman will predictably go to
    the top if she happens to be a daughter, widow and
    relative of a popular male politician. All female
    presidents in India were elected because of the above
    factor. Indira Ghandi was the only exception. Despite
    being related to a popular political leader, she
    became a prominent politician herself.

    By the way, Michelle Bachelet is a daughter of a
    well-known army general who was arrested and tortured
    to death during the rule of General Pinochet.

    A political crisis at times creates conditions
    for a female politician to take power. The election of
    Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is one of the examples.

    So equality is far from being complete.
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    Mar 16, 2003
    Kaso our women Pres ang pinakinawawa ng mga kalaban

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    So let's see...

    Cory is the widow of a popular political figure, catapulted to power via street protests we all know as EDSA I... Nah, can't call that political savvy. Next...

    GMA is the daughter of a past President. Moneyed, Nora-look-alike, a willing victim of another coup de'etat we all know as Edsa 2. Again, not by virtue of political savvy...

    Farther down the candidate's horizon lurks Loren, Loi, Jamby, Pia, Eta... Nope, no presidentiables there.

    Which means our men still lord it over the local political landscape, relegating women as mere decorations in the chambers of power.
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    If there's one thing we've learned, ahead of this 'curve',
    it is that a woman President can balls-up the country
    as thoroughly as any man.

    All this talk about women and curves... oh dear.