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    Apr 13, 2007
    I live in a VERY urban area, and certain things drive me crazy when I walk the dogs (I have two of my own and my roommates each have one for a total of four).

    1) People who see dogs play wrestling and yell at you for "fighting" your dogs. Anybody who has ever seen dogs actually fight can't possibly mistake the two.

    2) You're walking four dogs together in an orderly fashion after months of practice and people tell you how lucky you are to have gotten dogs that are naturally well-behaved.

    3) People see a halti, think it's a muzzle, and then yell at you for either:
    a: Bringing a dangerous animal onto the street or
    b: Hurting the animal by making it wear a muzzle or
    c: Being a bad owner whose dog has to wear a muzzle
    because it hasn't been taught manners.

    (BTW, even if it WERE a muzzle, none of these assessments are necessarily correct).

    4) People who see four dogs sitting calmly at a street corner, all connected to one person, and feel compelled to come up and get the dogs all excited with baby talk, causing your training session to go to pieces, your wrist to get sore from pulling, and your legs to get tangled up. Because if one breaks the stay, they'll ALL break the stay.

    5) People see your dogs panting and tell you that they're all thirsty and need to go lie down in the shade. (Even though you're two blocks away from the last water break, and you're walking with the dogs. If you're fine they probably are too). If it's hot outside, the dogs can drink water until they explode and they will still pant.

    6) People who see a dog carrying a backpack and start hollering animal cruelty (even though the dog LOVES carrying the backpack and gets all excited when you get it out of the closet).

    7) People who want to feed your dogs leftovers from their to-go box, and try to do so without even asking permission (I have one dog that gets the runs if you look at him cross-eyed...no people food for him).

    8) People who see a dog with an infirmity and assume that the dog is like that because the owner doesn't care for them properly. Hurt dogs, sick dogs, and very old dogs tend to look bad for a long time, and their owners tend to take a lot of crap from people who assume the animal isn't being cared for. People who foster and nurse back to health emaciated dogs, for example, will have a lot of people who think they're the ones who starved the dog in the first place.

    Some of these things may not sound that bad, even amusing. But I assure you that when you have to contend with this junk on a daily basis, it gets tiresome. There is enough foot traffic in my area that it's rare to go for a walk without SOMEONE thinking SOMETHING is wrong, and they usually like to yell their opinions rather then simply ask.

    Have a story of someone on the street driving you crazy in relation to your animal? Here's the place to put it. Time to vent some frustration! :brickwall:
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    Apr 15, 2007
    Half of all people are at or below the mean IQ.

    'Nuff said...

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    Sep 3, 2001
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    When my Golden was a puppy I brought her to work one day to show off. A lady I knew was holding her and some drunk I'd never met before tried grabbing her from the lady.

    He met Mr. Wall. Mr. Wall is not a forgiving person.
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    May 26, 2004
    My Dad gave my dog Lobster one time. Not necesarily bad for him, but I'm allergic. I couldn't let my own dog lick me for 3 days.


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