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Permit over 90 day limit!

  1. I've been waiting on my permit now for 114 days! I called the Sheriff's office on day 90 and they called somewhere in Raleigh to check the status...reported back to me that same day that it has been issued and is on the way. That was 2-weeks ago....

    Is there anything I can do without pissing off the Sheriff to get this thing in my hands!!!??? The law says 90-days to issue a permit...can that be enforced? and what the hell does Raleigh have to do with a permit being issued outside of Wake County???

    I'm frustrated and I feel I have been very very patient!

    Any advice? Thanks!!
  2. I had the very same thing happen to me! Be patient though, they added on an extra year for me. My came in about 100 days. When it came back the lady said that the SBI had lost my prints.
  3. It's sent to the SBI for background.

    I'd call again. What could you possibly piss them off about. They're outside the law.
  4. I think you should drive to Basnight's house and ask him personally to find out what's up.
  5. I'll let you handle my light work! ;)
  6. You aren't the one who burned down his business, are you?

    Sorry, that was bad... :sad:
  7. yeah that was bad....and for the record, NO!

    Now on to bigger and better things before the Blacked out SUV's and Helicopters come buzzing around trying to find out why we are even on this subject! :tinfoil:
  8. There is no 90 day limit for ISSUING the permit. They are only required to inform you of the status of your permit, should the application process take longer. By calling you back that same day with an update, they were following the law.
  9. Interesting....and thanks for the info! I guess the waiting continues...
  10. It's like childbirth...all the pain will be worth it once you have it!
  11. ...and today the phone rings! Going to pick it up right now-:banana:
  12. are you talking about a permit to perchese or a carry permit?surly your not talking about a permit to buy?ive never had them take more than 7 days.
  13. If he was talking about a permit to purchase, there would be no need for Raleigh to be involved. Regular permit to purchase(not concealed carry) used to take up to three or four months around here about four years ago and they would only issue two at a time, and no more than five a year. It just depends on the county as to how long they take or how many they will issue. I know of other counties where you can walk out with five permits in twenty minutes.
  14. Last time I got one I could get five at a time and it never took over three days. Now with my carry permit I don't worry about that anymore. ;)
  15. This was for my Concealed Weapons Permit...not a permit to buy. Looking back at my original post, I should have specified that...sorry 'bout that!!!

    Permits to buy never took more than 5-7 days...and I could do 5 at a time.

    Now with the CCP, no need for that!! :banana:
  16. Congradulations!
  17. Thanks gconan! :thumbsup: