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Permissison to cross state lines

  1. Hello, could you please advise what form and how to obtain one, that I need to get the blessing to shoot in other states. Where I live, I can walk across the street and be in Ohio or drive 20 miles in be in Kentucky. I often shoot with friends as well as some hunting in both of those states. I would like to take my AR9 and 300 blackout along with me without the fear of going to the pokey.

    Many thanks in advance
  2. If you're asking about a machine gun, then to satisfy the feds, you need to do a BATFE form 5320.20. I don't know what the feds may or not require if it's a SBR, or AOW. IIRC, interstate movement of suppressors doesn't need to be reported to the feds.

    Now, regarding state laws, you need to look at where your going with your firearms or suppressors. Each state has its own laws. While you're on the road between your home and destination state, you're covered by FOPA, the Firearm Owners Protection Act. Generally speaking, if the gun(s) is unloaded and in the trunk, the laws of the states you're passing through don't matter, because you're only passing through. Don't do anything with the gun in the states you're passing through. You just need to be sure you comply with your home state laws (that should be easy 'cause you live there) and the laws of your destination state.
  3. Call the ATF and ask them.