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    A man exiting a grocery store was very surprised when a rather good-looking and perky young lady greeted him cheerfully by saying, "Good evening!" Her face was beaming.

    At least she was smiling until he gave her that "Who are you?" look.

    He couldn't remember having ever seen her before.

    Then she obviously realized that a mistake had been made and apologized.

    She explained, "Oh, I'm so sorry. When I first saw you I thought you were the father of one of my children."

    She walked on her way into the store.

    The man was left staring dumbfounded after her.

    More than a bit puzzled, he thought to himself, "What is the world coming to, an attractive woman who doesn't even keep track of what the father of her children look like."

    However, he was also a bit flattered that he might resemble one of her former suitors, but also hoped that nobody overheard her saying that she mistook him for being the father of one of her children.

    A bit panicked, he then thought, "Could I possibly have forgotten a relationship?"

    "Could it be that I really fathered a child?"

    Still stunned, he walked to his car.

    He still did not realize, of course, that....
    She was a second grade teacher.