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People wear masks to show they care. They really really care

  1. Ok ok we get the masks in stores and ****.
    But we have thousands of the feel good ******s that must wear them 24/7.
    Driving alone in a car......
    Walking with the nearest person 100 yards away........
    Hiking without a person within a mile........
    Hate these people. Hate is good. Screw the chronic mask wearers.
    These people will wear these damn things forever so they can stay.....frigggggging SAFE
    Stay safe.....make me vomit
  2. Same with the outside news reporters.
  3. Face diapers = LOVE. All one needs is a Subaru to be totally aware.
  4. I walked into a store behind a Karen today. She was busy wiping down her cart right in the middle of the automatic doors. I thought she was going to have a heart attack getting away from me.
  5. Wow, somebody got triggered....
  6. My wife sometimes fails to realize other people are shopping at same time. Back home stores normally deserted. But here... always stop to side. Take as long as you want. But get out of the way.

    I’m running into more places where they are NOT wearing masks UNTIL a person comes in wearing one. Some I say. “Ok if I don’t wear one?” They say that’s fine, toss one back on desk. But we talk from 10’ away. It seems most low traffic places see what customer is doing, match it.
  7. For some of these hags... it’s an improvement. Let’s not get carried away now.

  8. I find it difficult to care about this issue.
  9. I do chuckle when I see folks driving with a mask on. My wife works in healthcare and wears one all day every day so she says she occasionally forgets she has her on when she leaves a store or work and drives with it on.

    I hate them (and my fogging glasses) so much it's impossible for me to understand how one could forget they were wearing one. But I've always hated anything obstructing my breathing, even the (very necessary) cold weather masks riding the snowmachine in -30 temps in AK when I lived there. Sure it, and the resultant ice ball freezing the mask to my beard, was much better than frostbite and frozen lungs, but I still hated it.

    Edit: I do enjoy going to the few shops I know that are fully ignoring our (illegal) statewide mask mandate. It's nice.
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  11. It will be gone on Nov 4th 2020.
  12. I find it hard to crap on people who think they are blocking me from acquiring a virus they may unknowingly be shedding as an asymptomatic carrier.
  13. Why do you care if someone wears it alone in a car or on a hike or wherever?? Really a stupid rant and thread.

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  14. With all the smoke outside I wear it more than ever.
  15. No it wont. The voter fraud will make the courts sort it out and that goes way beyond Now 4th.
  16. I put mine on when I go in to get groceries. I remove it as soon as I'm out. Also, during the five minutes in and out of Academy on Thursday morning. I wear one about an hour a week.
  17. The Electoral College will decide who is president as it always has. The popular vote is a waste of time. Not sure why anyone even bothers with it.
  18. Because it's pointless.
  19. I make sure I take mine off the second I am passing out the door of the supermarket. To my pleasant surprise, more and more people are doing the same thing.
  20. This isn't going to end. It's actually getting worse every day. 5 yrs from now people won't even remember what it was like to not wear a mask 24hrs a day.
  21. I wear mine whenever a business asks me to...to be polite... but I place no trust in the mask, nor the hacks who insist in their efficacy
  22. My wife and I have both had Covid-19. We've known people who have suffered greatly, as well as a few deaths. The function of the mask is more to protect others, than to protect the wearer. If I've protected your life or that of one of your loved ones by wearing one...you're welcome.
  23. Look at the bright side
    Facial recognition defeated
    I like the Frank n Jesse James bandana look and it ca n be used to keep sun off neck and other useful things

    But, yeah I hear ya
  24. I keep hearing this and wonder if people really believe this when they say it or are just being cute by making a political statement.

    If millions of people really believe this is all just a cooked up political stunt at this point, we are in TROUBLE.

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  25. What are the criteria for eliminating mask mandates? I don't believe I've ever seen ANY. The criteria seems to be "if it only saves one life" and if that's the case, it'll never end.

    For those who question the motivation for criticizing people that wear masks alone in their cars, walking outside, at home etc.... it's a sign of the loss of informed, independent thought and how easily some can be manipulated. It's especially saddening seeing people in there 20's behaving this way. Everyone is free to do as they please but I'm also free to observe and to me, it says a lot about our society.

    Personally, I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and it just doesn't work unless you can see the smile on my face as I rib you. I've had to explain myself a couple of times....LOL! So much of what and who we are is communicated non-verbally and the masks eliminate most of that. I find that depressing to say the least.
  26. They don't mean the virus will magically disappear after the election. They mean that people will stop hyping the hell out of it, and the news will stop shoving it down our throats 24/7.

    Remember when the Floyd riots started and the news suddenly forgot about the virus for a few days? Remember when the same people who called beach visitors selfish had no problem with thousands of protesters packing against each other like sardines?

    Once the election is over, this virus will be viewed in the proper context and most of the circus will move on.
  27. Thanks, that makes sense.

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  28. I normally know a few deaths every year before Covid19 anyway. That's the baseline .

    Yet in our subdivision and church and town, we know of no deaths with Covid19.

    Hence, we know a lot of nonsense being said in the news and everywhere about Riot gatherings that produced no increase in Covid19 deaths, while others preventing sport fans from gathering for sport events and church services because fear of Covid19. Vote Biden, if you believe in wearing masks can prevent virus, and smelling farts.

    Learn the difference between deaths with Covid19 virus (like George Floyd) and deaths BeCAUSE of Covid19 virus.
  29. I also considered a thread full of insulting political names. But then I would have been scolded by the moderator pAtrol.
    Dementia Joe
    Harris Ho
    There we go
  30. No business in our community forces the face-diaper issue. I’d say it’s about 50/50 split between those that do and those that don’t wear a diaper. Our supposed infection rate has remained low throughout this whole period of martial law. If the ninnies were to be believed we should be dropping like flies but we haven’t and we aren’t.
  31. Our local board of supervisors is already "strongly discouraging" Halloween festivities. I'll bet a paycheck they'll do the same for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Screw them all.
  32. It’s just more of their “Do as we say and not as we get caught doing” recommendations.
  33. the media has sacred many of them to think this is floating in the air and you can get it from miles away..I asked a older neighbor why he was wearing it out by himself gardening with no one around, he said dont you watch the news this virus in the air..he was scared for me and everyone else not wearing masks with all this "virus floating around out there".

    So he is DUPED enough by the media that he believes its just now floating around in the air where ever he is. Tried to explain the truth but I could tell when I was explaining that he didnt want to hear anymore his mind was set...its just like these old people that still vote Democrat BUT they are in reality now independents or conservative...because when you ask them their thoughts and ask them if they are looking forward to Socialism or Communism,etc,etc...same deal and just a like a Millennial(never realized in mind set how similar Millennials and Old people are in that you cant tell or explain anything to them they already "know" lol) they are voting Democrat because they have been democrats since the 50's/60's and thats what we vote! even though the Democratic party that put forth JFK is FAR FAR different than what they stand for today....old people dont want to hear that..too set in their ways...I swear if Satan ran as a Democrat my super cool next door neighbors would have a vote for Satan for Democratic president..because "thats the way we vote" lol...
  34. So true, I don't see the masks going away. Around here (SW PA) people are wearing them like oxygen masks, wearing them outside and places where they are nowhere near other people. The younger people seem to be especially prone to this. It's like a security blanket for them.

    The masks become saturated with germs, the mask is constantly touched, then the user touches things around them with their germy hands. Please don't say the mask wearing is to "protect others".
  35. I’ve had the rona so I will not wear a face diaper anymore. If someone says something to me I will act like a liberal and say my body my choice. They will probably say something like you could hurt someone else. I will say here’s your sign dummy.
  36. So the mask only protects one way? It keeps stuff in but doesn't keep stuff out? That makes no sense.
  37. Yeah, our own beloved governor Sisolak got caught doing that... He is in charge and driving the bus full goose bozo into financial hell...

    Masks... smoke... sure (respirator filtered?)

    Gas Masks... gotta get a surplus one or two with filters as well (might need to shave the beard as well) Makes people laugh when they see em in public (I know I did when I saw one dude wearing one)

    Do look back in history and remember the second wave of the 1918 bug... or that China still might have secondary accidental surprise oops! my bad (i do feel we are in a lower case (no capitals) war with china's leadership since november 2016)

    But again, bandana, neck gaiter or shemaugh, always wear a hat outdoors... and try to not elect D leadership especially in the AG/DA positions. Those people not prosecuting criminals but rather those defending against same... are beginning to really concern me.

    THEY need a reset
  38. We are having a surge of cases despite our (illegal) state wide mask mandate. Of course it's college kids, so lots of positive cases with very few hospitalizations.

    University system announced to keep things contained they are cancelling spring break, to keep kids in school. Which might make sense if it wasn't till ... next March ...
  39. I appreciate your good intent and I am sorry for your suffering. I say this truthfully and without sarcasm. Thank you.

    What I find ironic is that the media and the "powers that be" have picked this particular ailment to go hog wild on. It is a good one because it is very virulent and volatile but it has such a low mortality rate. I'm not saying it won't kill you, because it can, but people have been led to believe that exposure is a death sentence. There are a vast number of people out there that think this is like being exposed to Ebola, hantavirus, bubonic plague, or smallpox. There are people out there that, if you told them they were just in an elevator with someone with covid19, they would go write out their will and seek last rites.

    My dispatchers have been ordered to ask callers if they have covid19, or have been exposed to it, or have any symptoms. They don't ask if the caller has TB, HIV, or Hep C. Those things I really am scared of but I still don't let them scare me away from living normal life.

    People need to put this into proper context. This should be like influenza season. If your immune system is compromised then take proper safeguards, just like was done before covid19.

    This is reminiscent of post 09/11 when everyone was afraid to live life because they were fearful of terrorist attack.

    Take reasonable precautions but the sky is not falling, despite reports to the contrary.
  40. The virus wont be gone, but I think that if Biden wins the presidency, that state and local Democrat leadership will start lifting restrictions that are damaging the economy to no significant positive effect on the number of deaths. They will do this to try an benefit Biden's image by pointing to economic growth. Also if he is elected, I don't think he will make it through his first term.
  41. Mental illness and phobia in the USA is far more prevalent than any China Virus.

    There is little doubt about this concept.
  42. Observing someone's harmless insanity is always rather amusing.
  43. What is beautiful is now reviled.
    What is ugly is now deemed virtuous.

    Interesting times we live in.

    Personally speaking, 2020 can soon be gone and with great haste.
  44. I went to the range 2 days ago and wore my gas mask for almost 3 hours of shooting in thick heavy smoke here in CA. I was perfectly comfortable as some shooters around me were coughing in 190 AQI air. Smoke is no joke and can do some physiological damage fairly quickly. Gas masks...they are becoming the hot new commodity and are starting to sell out everywhere. Get yours while you can. The Israeli surplus ones are good to go if you can still find them.

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  45. I reckon I'm halfway there coz I have a Forester :alex:
    Coughing would have sped her up
    A mask with a bag over the head is double protection
  46. LOL!

    We didn't know you cared.
  47. This guy gets it.

    The social changes being carried out are permanent. Although there will likely be some retrenchment or slippage, it will be followed by another campaign to enhance compliance, then another, then another, forever.

    Getting people to interact electronically, instead of face to face, is the Goal of the Ages.
  48. Wind gusting 20-25 mph downs here. Got gas at Costco and people wearing mask. I just look at them like they are total idiots.
  49. 1
    1 1/2 years of school down the crapper for kids.
    It is so insidious that Democrat Socialist Nazis welcome the opportunity to create a class of citizens dependent on government for their existence.
    Weep for America. Being pushed over the abyss.
  50. Wow people doing something that has zero impact on you causes you such emotional trauma. You need help before you explode.