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People Watching at the Gun Show

  1. IF WE GO, it's because we are going with friends. I'm liquidating my personal collection and am not looking to buy. Dealers want to pay 10 cents on the dollar and sell for $2 on the dollar.

    Big Top Gun Shows "says" they are the best but no concealed carry is allowed, no knives except in sheaths, no cell phones (or cameras), etc. They charge $12 locally for 1/2 of a building of tables.

    WA Gun Collectors only allow members to buy or sell. You MUST be nominated by a member (who will charge you a fee!).

    Los Angeles used to have a good one= 4-6 buildings at the Fair Grounds-twice a year. But the County said no guns, so.............. Saw lot's of celebs (Wilt Chamberlain is TALL!). A lot of wanna-be cowboys in "Shady Brady's", Mall Ninjas in camo (saw one guy looking at an AK-couldn't pull the bolt back, so he "Kick-started" it like a motorcycle.) and the guys in wheelchairs blocking the aisles while they spout their immense pseudo-knowledge of minutia about the "1797 predecessors of Mauser rifles."

    No=don't need it!
  2. I think that happens in places/venues that draw inexperienced gun buyers. The ones I go to are frequented by good ole boys who know the price and value of a gun. Overpriced stuff won't sell. The prices I see are good, and I can sometimes find stuff that's not available in stores. The vendors here have stores, and basically bring the loss leaders to the show, planning on getting people to the store. I've seen where you can buy a scope, then bring it to the store for free mounting and sighting. Not a bad deal. Not all dealers are stupid. I have a couple of guns on my list that I would get; but mostly go for brass and reloading components.
  3. Ahhh the gun show where you see tables of worthless Chinese crap being sold by self-described American patriots
  4. I finally found a nice M99 Savage at a gun show. I guy about my age was selling his whole collection so i lucked out as far as timing. I went to his house a few days later and my oh my, what a collection he had. He said it was his retirement investment that he had contributed to over the years. I had to pay a pretty penny for it, but WTH, it's only money.
    And back to guns shows, yup, same old, same old crap, generally, and not much for scenery. Airport terminals are much better, for the latter.
  5. I bought my G19 and took the CC course at the local gun show. Melbourne has one every month or so.

    Last time I went I bought a nice set of Cutco steak knives.

  6. I wish our shows were like that. I could go for some cheap Chinese AKs, SKSs, and ammo. tom. ;)
  7. FIFY
  8. Detroit had the best gun show at the Light Guard Armory on Eight Mile. But sadly that's gone. Than it was Gibraltar Trade Center, Taylor its closed. Not many options anymore. Birch Run has a gun show that is large but not sure about pricing.
  9. and then there is Tulsa!
  10. I like the ones in Ft Worth... although it has become the belt and jerky show for me in the last few years. I did pickup a nice used holster for my Glock 19 for cheap, but I knew the dealer and he is always fair.
  11. There's this one guy that frequents the shows in PA. He has a table a couple of times a year.
    He has an incredible collection of lever guns. Simply beautiful.

    I stopped and was admiring them but noticed there was no pricing on any of the 30 or so firearms he had displayed.

    I asked him how much he was asking for a particular one and that was when he said they weren't "really" for sale. They were his personal / private collection.
    I said ok and was turning away when he said if i really liked one to make my your best offer.

    I laughed and said why, you just told me it's not for sale.

    Not going to play games. Too bad he had some beautiful stuff.
  12. Local gun show:


    Shot Show Vegas:


    I’m sure some of you have been to Shot Show in Vegas. That’s the only gun show truly worth visiting if you can obtain a pass. Sneak peak at all the latest goodies- no Mickey Mouse.

    Bonus- hotties instinctively flock booth to booth like the salmon of Capistrano.
  13. Adds new meaning to the phrase "trophy wife" doesn't it... If they are trophy girlfriends maybe they are into marketing.

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  14. Ever so true about the women showing themselves off. They go just so they can see themselves as a few fish in a pond of male fish fighting over them.

    I once took a GF to a show and she wandered around with me and when we got out she commented on how she could just smell the Testosterone in the air and found it repulsive, I think it was the male ferones she was picking up on but real in her perspective.
  15. With the internet there is no need for gun shows. I went to one about 10 years ago. I see absolutely no reason to go these days.

    The purpose of a gun show is the ability to see and compare a large number of guns in one place. This used to mean vendors competing on price.

    Now they just see who can get closest to MSRP.

    Last time I saw a guy selling a extremely worn Gen2 G19 for $550. This gun looked like it was carried daily by a cop for many years. Almost no finish on the slide, frame worn almost smooth.

    What is the point of driving 50miles, disarming, paying admission, fighting crowds of people to pay MSRP or more plus sales tax?

    Yes, then there are the gang bangers. About 15 years ago I was at a show. I had bought a G26. I was probably 100 feet from the table I bought it at and was approached by a gang banger type and asked if I wanted to sell it.

    I tell the guy there is a whole table of them right there!

    No thanks.
  16. The most productive thing I can do at a show is check out optics. Few LGS's around me have many optics in inventory, and there is no substitute for looking through different pieces of glass in order to compare. Most shows I visit have two or three vendors that specialize in optics, so you can see a lot. I buy from the guy who shows me what I want, and prices have been in line with the interweb.
  17. I lived in the Phoenix area for a few years. They had great gun shows. Crossroads of the West would have a huge one in December. It's Dec 1-3 this year and it's $18.00! Good for all three days. It was a huge show with good deals. The big gun dealers had the best prices. The big ammo sellers would have cases stacked high. I just remember having to bring water and a power bar because I had to stop and take a few breaks, it was so big. Local guns stores never had prices as low.

    All these people saying how their local gun stores have better prices, I have never experienced that. I live in the Austin area and the Gun shows are not that great. Most gun stores around Austin are MSRP+.
  18. I don't go cause I know people would show up
  19. Good beef jerky though, right?

  20. The same young man sells at all three venues. Best jerky around. tom. :cowboy:
  21. Clowns like that get silly lowball offers from me, I don't mind insulting them if they won't attach a price tag. :nutcheck:
  22. I like the Mesquite Big Town and Dallas Market Hall Shows. The Ft. Worth show has gone down hill in my opinion, use to fill the north and south rooms, now the north is not always full, plus they charge for parking as well as admission, almost $20 just to get in. I have been able to get close to the going price for buying online for most of my gun purchases. I picked up a Gen 5 G19 at Mesquite Big Town for $519, actually less then I was expecting.
  23. My Uncle was a radioman on PBMs during WW-2. Dad took him to the big gun show at Market Hall in Dallas. Uncle Ron said they had more Thompson Submachineguns at the show than he saw the whole time he was in the Navy.
  24. I have had tables in many gun shows in Alaska over the years. I only do one local show these days. But you can bet that several times a day you will run into a morbidly obese guy that is gearing up for his next sheep hunt. He is 200 pounds over weight but looking for a 5 pound rifle scope combo.
  25. I meet 25 of those out-of-state-guys every year in rural Idaho...

    They cannot get 100 yards from a 4 wheeler or 2-track road, but they need an "Alpine" "precision" rifle, and "ultimate" Outdoorsman type gear. These same guys literally huff and puff walking with just a daypack, 5 minutes away from any sort of vehicle. They have an MSR ultra-light stove, saving grams worth of weight, but also have 3 "Tall Boy" beers in a backpack.
  26. Yup, Same guns, SAME wornout hang tags that I've seen 5 gunshows ago, get a CLUE......
  27. Just saw a billboard for that on Saturday night while in philly visiting my sister.
  28. As Pennsylvania guns shows go..... I am pretty sure it's the biggest. I think there is one at "Oak's" about 5 times a year,