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People Watching at the Gun Show

  1. Saturday morning I went to a local gun show hosted by a Rifle & Pistol Club. They host two of the better shows during the year.

    I got there early, before it got crowded, and couldn't help noticing how many elderly men were there. "Where is the next generation of hunters and enthusiasts?" I wondered. Well, as things got more crowded, younger people started filling in the crowd. Some things I couldn't help noticing were:

    - too many man buns
    - too many people with backpacks unaware of how far out they protrude behind them as they turn quickly in tight quarters knocking into others
    - ammo attempting to be sold by those who hoarded earlier and are now trying to recoup their "investment." (In other words, trying to sell off what they've got for much higher than current retail prices.)

    There were some Gen 3, 4 and 5 Glock 19s together at one table where I got to handle and compare all three. The finger grooves actually fit me. The cutout at the bottom of the Gen 5 19 bothers me a bit, but not on the Gen 5 17. My little finger is above the notch on a 17, but not on the 19.

    Still, I didn't find anything I couldn't live without, but did get a few hours of entertainment on a Saturday morning.
  2. I’m always amazed at the number of firearm experts and appraisers that are in the crowd.
  3. it's like WalMart, isn't it?
  4. I noticed more SJWs than ever before. Also a few folks speaking what sounds like arabic, that made my sphincter tighten a bit, think coal to diamonds.
  5. I don't see any of those, just a few "gangsta" types who look like they might need their baby-mama along to do the background check stuff.
  6. I've gotten so I only go to local shows for ammo or accessories (or to people watch).
  7. i only watch lady people.
  8. The "big" show(s) around here are at Oak's Convention center near King of Prussia about 40 minutes west of Philadelphia.

    Next one is Oct 6th.
    Here are my "usual" observations.

    Packed. Despite the large size of the venue.
    Not a lot, but enough gang banger types you notice and hope they don't complete any purchases.
    High percentage of senior citizens.
    High percentage of folks with restricted mobility.
    A noticeable amount of folks with poor hygiene and / or dishevelled.
    A small but consistent percentage of wives or girlfriends (accompanying their significant others) who are obviously "on display" with their overly tight / short skirts or shorts and maximum exposure of the boobies. Not complaining here it just looks like they are putting on a show for their guys and use the gun show as the destination for them to present their lady parts.
  9. Use to see a couple at every gun show I went to. Late 40s early 50s. Guy always dressed like cowboy, boots vest etc. Gal wore knee high boots lace hose short shorts see through top and lace bra to match or something similar.
  10. For the ones in Arkansas and the big Tulsa show, I've noticed they've been low turnout since election, no gangbangers, plenty of old farts, many with limited mobility. Not too much of the stinkers, and no boobies
  11. I'm disappointed at the various Virginia gun shows.

    No gangstas, no rednecks, no preppers, no GI Joes.
  12. The shows to the north and south of our area are attended by normal people. The few that are east of the city draw individuals that end up in the news. I can't explain it? tom. :dunno:
  13. Do gun shows even matter anymore? I don't do 'safe queens' or vintage but I haven't seen a good deal at a gun show for a loooong time:nutcheck:
  14. Maybe their children or grandchildren will be able to sell it at a "profit" some day.
  15. I've been very happy with the deals I get at the local shows. YMMV. tom.:cowboy:
  16. Gun shows have pretty much become a waste of time. A bunch of fried pork rinds, eyeglass cleaners, knife sharpeners, Chinese flashlights, coins, jewelry, t-shirts, a bunch of new plastic guns, and if I am lucky, a few dealers with very limited number of good used metal/wood vintage pieces. To add insult to injury, ticket that used to be $2 is now $9. When it hits $10 I'm done.
  17. I feel that stuff is so overpriced, I don't even bother to throw a low-ball (realistic) offer.

    Maybe that's whats wrong, but I feel you'll get no where offering half of asking price because either the seller is an idiot and you offend them, or you are...:elephant: haha
  18. Not around this area. The gun shows have much better prices then the LGS. And the prices are lower at the show then they are from the same vendor at the store. I have tried to buy from my local dealers but they will not budge from their listed price which are usually at least $50 more then the gun show.
  19. I will be there and you described it EXACTLY... Don't forget the operator types in camo but look like they would pass out in a half mile... I will probably go Friday to pick up some beef jerky and maybe some ammo..
  20. I used to go to all the gun shows in CT and MA (yes....there are a few), until I noticed that it was ALWAYS the same vendors selling the same stuff. Including this one guy who was selling an "original" German SS 44-dot tunic and trousers that were WAY to mint to be original. I don't know how much he wanted, but it was over $1000.00.
  21. I need to go to your shows.
  22. I understand.

    We have a guy regularly selling a Dragonov for about $5k ..... Only problem is it is a PSL Romak with different furniture. I told him........ But he still try's for the Dragonov........
    Buyer beware
  23. I haven't done a gun show in a few years. Ammo prices higher than normal retail. Reloading supplies always higher than online. Too many wanna be Rambo types wearing their " Gunshine State" tshirts. Some of the best gun deals I've seen are what people are selling in the parking lot or in line going into the show. The internet has killed gun shows for me. SGAmmo for SD ammo and various suppliers for reloading supplies delivered go me without the driving, shoving, and the "experts" hawking their wares.
  24. Buy everything off the internet cheaper no tax free shipping , if you watch and do your shopping ,very seldom do I buy new guns , mostly used shop for them at lgs .
  25. No SJWs or gangbangers, but a few couples where the female looked to be somewhat on display. I did notice one couple who seemed very ... rigid? They just seemed a bit awkward like he didn't want her to get away from him. Many females here wear hunting camo.

    There was one HUGE table of plastic Chinese bling carnival-type knives. Junk.

    I noticed a guy who picked up a Saint (the newer version with the free-floating barrel) and asked if it came with a case. (If he knew anything about the Saint, yes, they come with a hard shell case.) When he found out it did he asked if they would hold it for him for a few minutes. He appeared to be interested in it for his son.

    There was what appeared to be an old Mossberg 590 in Marinecote that briefly drew my attention, but it looked pretty worn. Several Shockwaves that had people looking and wondering aloud. Rusty Colt 8-round .45 ACP magazines for more than what new ones cost, but still in original Colt Accessories packaging! A Ruger Single Six in .22LR along with the magnum cylinder also got my attention for a bit. I believe Dad had a High Standard Double Nine Convertible at some point. He traded things so often it was hard to keep track, but I do remember that one. It might be nice to come across some pre-lock, pre-dash S&W revolvers, but I didn't notice any.
  26. The last one I went to I was prepared to spend some money and had three pistols I was looking for.
    There were no deals to be had, everyone was acting like the world was about to end with panic purchases. Prices were so inflated I couldn't figure if I would go to another. I'm always looking and probably will when it comes time.
  27. Gun and boobs go together. Just like porkchops and applesauce. I get the Dillon Precision Blue Press, and although I've noticed the different classy (always classy) models, I read the Blue Press for the articles.
  28. I quit going a few years ago. I got tired of being quietly asked by dirtbags if I could help them get prohibited weapons. I always assumed it was a fed trying to set me up. I know other people who quit going for similar reasons.
  29. gun shows arent like they use to be, not much surplus or curio & relic like before

    now it's all "tactical" that seems to be the most popular items, lots of aftermarket accessories.
  30. I go for reloading supplies. They never seem to have any 500 S&W, 460 S&W or 454 Casull ammo, supplies or holsters, let alone guns. I can't understand why. They're all such easy guns to shoot.

    I see a ton of AR-15s there, overpriced. I see those 80% lowers, too. Seems like a lot of work for a $40 item.

    In SWVA, there aren't too many hotties walking about.

    I see guys from the hood looking at the cheap plastic guns by some maker out of the Middle East: they look like Berettas and Glocks but I don't remember the brand.

    Seems like everyone wants a S&W Shield, Glock 43 or 42, Sig P238 or S&W Bodyguard.

    There's always those tables with overpriced Colt pythons who never sell...but two shows ago, some guy stole a Stainless Anaconda. I don't know if he ever got caught but they have pictures from CCTV. It was from a table that was next to Trader Jerry's II.

    There are fewer and fewer vendors. Prices aren't all that great except for two LGS THAT I frequent personally.

    I'd like to see more steel targets for sale as shipping is so expensive from online dealers.

    I don't see a lot of aftermarket Glock Parts, either, at my shows.

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  31. Cost of a table to sell from is sky high ,admission prices up ,some charge to park , all this has to be compared to cost of shipping , I shop the internet , where if you watch ,no tax . I keep a large supply of Glock parts all purchased by internet . Government Civic center raised the rent so high a lot of places , promoters could no longer put on the shows . A slow sure way to shut them down .

  32. Cost of a table to sell from is sky high ,admission prices up ,some charge to park , all this has to be compared to cost of shipping , I shop the internet , where if you watch ,no tax . I keep a large supply of Glock parts all purchased by internet . Government Civic center raised the rent so high a lot of places , promoters could no longer put on the shows . A slow sure way to shut them down .
  33. The closest gun show always has an ammo vendor from CA come in and bring a semi load of product. If you don't mind Tulammo, Wolf, Silver Bear, etc you can score very good deals if buying by the case. As to women at the GSs around here they're into halter tops. Not a bad thing in one sense because they tend to have pretty big racks. However, with fold over guts they look awful. I told a lady friend one time (who's a modest dresser) after leaving a show that if she ever turned to the dark side please have the decentcy to have a flat belly. She just laughed and agreed remarking how she couldn't believe women would go out in public with a jelly roll hanging over the top of their pants. And think they're hot at the same time.
  34. I love going to gun shows more for entertainment value than looking for something to buy.
  35. At the last gun show I was propositioned by a female knife vendor who said " you can park those combat boots under my bed anytime" my daughter was not amused and dimed me out to my wife .
    My comeback was these boots are spoken for.. I thought I did good.
  36. Quick thinking, that.

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  37. We quit gunshows 15 years ago. Too much trash. On all counts.
    We have several gun shops within an hours drive and can always find anything we want at below gunshow prices.
  38. I had a similar experience once. I was looking for some powder for my brother. Some guy strolls over to ask me how to blow up a tree stump and how much powder to use. I told him to just get a stump grinder. Very strange.
  39. That is very odd. Great answer for him though.
  40. I agree, other than all I want is plastic guns. I just want to add I do not like having my carry gun zip tied, so I quit going.

    I have been a few times to try doing a face to face sell, you either get the sketchy type or the dealer than spends 5 minutes fiddling with it before saying they are not interested.

    Bit you buy something new and can't even get out of the building without telling 10 people it is not for sale.
  41. I don't go to them often anymore due to the reasons others have cited. I was always curious, however, about the seemingly mandatory "WWII Collectibles" vendors that were at these shows, hawking rusty SS daggers, threadbare Wermacht uniforms, dented helmets and basically anything else with a swastika on it.

    Those guys always seemed to have a few curious kids looking at their stuff, but for the life of me I don't think I ever saw one making an actual sale...but they'd always be there.


  42. Cost of a table to sell from is sky high ,admission prices up ,some charge to park , all this has to be compared to cost of shipping , I shop the internet , where if you watch ,no tax . I keep a large supply of Glock parts all purchased by internet . Government Civic center raised the rent so high a lot of places , promoters could no longer put on the shows . A slow sure way to shut them down .

    They are more than likely buyers ,what they bring to the show is bait .
  43. Used to go regularly. Not anymore. Same ****. Prices higher than retail. Admission, parking and bad hygiene. The Internet Works GREAT For me.
  44. Anymore I'll go to a show on the off chance I'll find a replacement for my dad's knife he got when he was 18. I think it was a Case or Western brand with steel that would hold an edge forever. It had a basket weave design on the sheath. He left it on the side of the pickup box after we cleaned some birds one year and it fell off onto the road. Somebody picked up a damn fine knife that day.

    I'll look over the tables to see what's there for guns, every once in awhile seeing a decent one but prices even on the used stuff can be unreal at times.
  45. One of the shows I sell brass at is $30 per table, the others are all $45 per table. I get two tables at every show, but I at least get my son, brother, nephew, and dad in for free.
  46. Gun shows are purely entertainment for me...something to do on a Saturday afternoon. I enjoy looking at various guns and being able to handle them, even if I'm not interested in making any purchases. I do find a deal from time to time, but usually not. I'm not really a people watcher.
  47. I used to go to many when I lived in Austin. A lot of vintage "cowboy" stuff. Amazing to look at but nothing I could buy. Made some good trades and purchases there. The ones in Virginia are similar IMO. Less vintage Wild West but nice stuff. For me, I would go looking for one or two specific firearms, know the value as per condition, and do some good old fashioned dickering. If something caught my eye that I didn't know about, I'd find one of my LGS owners and ask him or a friend that's more knowledgeable than me. Still fun, I just don't buy much anymore, but the fun of people watching is always there. Along with poor handling techniques. I've seen dealers cringe then shake their head and go on. Not many seem to want to appear as anything less than an expert. Foolish pride.
  48. Same here, out of the last 3 shows I've been to, the only thing I bought was a couple of hats.

    There is one guy that carrys a lot of both vintage and high end rifles. He had a Blaser in 7x57 Mauser that really kept calling my name, had to patiently explain to it that yes, while it is true love, just couldn't swing the 8 grand he was asking. Same with the Winchester 1895 Russian, but suspect that was just lust on my part.
  49. I love going to gun shows! I like to pay $12 entrance fee and walk out with $750 glock, NCstar scope laser combo, $20 small bag of beef jerky and $6 lemonade. Makes me feel accomplished.

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  50. How much Jerky was at the last gunshow you went to?