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    I was checking my local papers back home like I do daily and didnt like what i saw... Six guns found at Pontiac H.S This is where I went to high school. It sounds as if they didn't bring them for show and tell either. My school is 90 miles south of Chicago and ABC 7 showed up. More of a reason I carry everyday now, and my girlfriend is starting to understand that.

    Pantagraph Story:

    "UPDATED 4:05 p.m. PONTIAC -- Three Pontiac Township High School students remained in custody Tuesday afternoon, and likely will face felony charges connected to guns turning up in the school Tuesday morning, authorities said. | Photo gallery

    During a 2:30 p.m. news conference at the Pontiac police station, law enforcement officials talked about the events of the day, and what happens next.

    No injuries were reported, but the discovery led to a four-hour lockdown at the site, as more than 100 parents and concerned citizens gathered outside.

    At the afternoon meeting, Pontiac Police Chief Dale Newsom declined to name the teenagers involved, because each is a juvenile.

    The guns were discovered after a student, who police don't believe was involved, told a school police resource officer that two students had brought gun to schools. The student who alerted police attends the high school, but how he knew about the guns remains unclear and is under investigation.

    The lockdown began immediately following the report.

    The three suspects likely will appear in court Wednesday morning; Livingston County State's Attorney Tom Brown said it is possible the teens will be charged as adults.

    Pontiac police administrative commander Jim Woolford said earlier today that he believes the weapons were intended to be used inside the school.

    The high school is planning an assembly at 8:20 a.m. Wednesday in the school auditorium, as a follow-up to handling today's situation.

    Leo Johnson, PTHS District 90 superintendent, told those attending the news conference that in light of today's events, the school board will examine its current security policies, to determine if any changes are necessary.

    The school, that enrolls about 900 students, was on lockdown from shortly after 8 a.m. until nearly 12:30 p.m. today, when an early dismissal found students filing outside the building.

    About the same time as the dismissal, police announced the three arrests connected to the discovery of six guns at the school.

    The 12:20 p.m. release comes after a morning where the school has been locked down since the weapons were discovered in a backpack shortly after 8 a.m.

    For some the reunion was emotional -- tears from both students and parents evidence of the stress of the long morning. For others the dismissal was more subdued.

    Pontiac Police administrative commander Jim Woolford said earlier in the day that police are confident all the people involved with what happened are in custody.

    "Pontiac Township High School did an outstanding job, and at no time was any child in danger," said Woolford. "I'm pleased how they handled a very serious situation," he said.

    The weapons incident was isolated to the high school, he said, but police will continue investigating the details of the events, and they continued searching the school following the dismissal.

    Pontiac Junior High School and the three grade schools in District 429, as well as two private schools, St. Mary's School and Pontiac Christian School, were locked down as a precautionary measure. The junior high school and all grade schools dismissed students at regular times.

    High school administrators met about noon with staff and students to explain the details surrounding today's events. "I need to emphasize that no student was harmed today and no acts of violence had taken place," Johnson said in a statement released at the time.

    Worrisome morning

    All morning, worried parents and others waited outside the school, as police and school officials had the building on lockdown after weapons were found in a book bag there, just after 8 a.m.

    Police have not released the location in the school where the book bag was found. However, Woolford did say they were not found in students' possession, but away from students.

    "After receiving word that a student or students may have brought weapons to school, and after an investigation, the administration and police did indeed find a book bag with weapons in it," Johnson said in one of his office's released statements.

    Both Pontiac police and Livingston County Sheriff's police were at the scene, following the alert issued by the school resource officer.

    Anywhere from 100 to 120 people, most of whom appear to be parents, had gathered around the outside entrance.

    Joe Brewer, whose son Cody Brewer is a sophomore at the school, was among the crowd. After the father got a call about the emergency, he rushed to the scene, worried about his son's well-being. However, Brewer said he was a little more at ease because Woolford updated parents, saying no one has been injured.

    Pontiac Mayor Scott McCoy was waiting with parents and other concerned community members in the Pontiac Community Recreation Center, housed in the high school building. McCoy brought bottled water, hoping to bring some comfort to the worried group.

    "I'm just trying to make sure that everyone out here is as comfortable as possible. ... I'm very understanding of why they are out here," he said.

    Earl Ross of Pontiac, who has five nieces and nephews at the high school, described the scene outside the school as chaotic, and worrisome.

    "There's a lot of confusion, a lot of fear from the parents," he said. "This is small town USA -- This isn't supposed to happen here," Ross added.

    Pontiac parent Nancy Wooldridge, has been at the school since about 9 a.m. "And I'm not leaving here until I see my daughter," she said, waiting with other parents.

    Wooldridge said she thinks the school should install metal detectors. The world is a different place than when she attended the same high school 25 years ago, she said. Nothing like today's weapons incident happened back then, she added.

    Another bystander was Elisa Nemergat, grandmother of Skylar Torres, 16, of Pontiac.

    "My daughter called me up and told me to look at the TV on channel 13 , so I came here as soon as I could," said Nemergat. "
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    But...But...But schools are gun-free zones! It's impossible to have a firearm on school property, everyone knows that.

    On a more serious note...glad the thugs were caught before any more crime (who knows what they may or may not have done prior to this?)