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People make me sick

  1. I live in an apartment complex with my girlfriend in a not so nice part of town, proabably at least 75% hispanic. Lots of honking, loud music, weird looks, not good.
    We are cat people. We have 2. About3 or 4 months ago a stray cat started wondering up to door or jumping in the window so we started feeding it. The neighboors complain of course, so we just were more discreet about it. About a month ago it shows up with a few other cats, probably its family since 3 of them are kittens and the other looks to be a female and they all get along fine. So we just buy more food to feed them all, they come about 7 oclock every night.
    About two weeks ago it dissapeared for a few days, and comes back really skinny and smelly. After a few days it was obvious it was dying from feline lukemia(sp) and we decide the day after to tale it to the vet to be put asleep as it was getting worse and worse.
    So we dont see the cat the next day or for a few days later, and we realize it just died on its own.
    Then later the neighboor walks up and asks if weve seen it, and we say no.
    He goes on to say he found the cat dead by the laundry room, stabbed, and its paws mutilated.
    The cat probably walked up to someone wanting water or food, its already dying, and some *****er tortured it and killed it.
    What kind of world do we live in?
  2. that's disgusting. I am sickened what some humans can do to an inocent animal......it's only "crime" was just being born.
  3. Hopefully something equally bad will happen to those that did this. There are really some sick people out there!:steamed:
  4. BASTARDS!!!!
  5. That is awful. Poor cat, there are some really bad sick people around. I have never understood, why be so cruel. It's so senseless. Just makes me mad.
  6. Hopefully they'll get deported and die of heat exhaustion being smuggled back in. I really do wish these thing's on people, never animals.
  7. I agree. I have more love for animals than my fellow man most of the time.
  8. +10000

  9. +1000.

    An animal will never F you over just for the fun of it.
  10. +1 more
  11. And a friend was talkin to me just last night about how I love my dog too much! That's the kind of people in the world, how can you blame me? Dogs will love you forever and only wants food, a family to love, and playtime in return.


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  12. same here!

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  13. That brother, and sister, are awful, uncaring people. How can feeding your animals be to much trouble. Or to much of a hassle. That just goes to show. They think of animals as things. Not living beings.
    I say put them in a small area, and forget to give them food or water, for a week. Oh and give them no toilet. Let them go on the floor. Let them lay in it, walk in it.
    And of course they would say. "You can not do that. I have rights.... and that be inhuman treatment."
    I have no understanding of people like these. Im just glad I take good care of my pets. 5 dogs and two cats, plus two parrots. I love them all. Even while going through chemo treatments, I still cared for them. Even on the days I felt ill. They always give me love in return, and helped me through the rough spots. No excuse not to give them care. If you can not care for them. Give them to someone that can.
    So, to be to much of a hassle does not fly with me.
    Sorry just got a little ticked off.
  14. Anyone have a muzzle they want to give away?
  15. Thats awful.Growing up on a farm, we adopted every animal that wanderd into the yard, including skunks,a racoon,a squirrel that had fallen from its nest,we raised it as well.Cats,yup,had them too.We had a fawn show up and it hung around for years.

    The skunks were babies when we found them, the mother got killed by a car so we took them in and our cat did the rest.They matured and never once sprayed anyone,ate regular cat food and used the litter box. They were active though.

    I saw a neighbor beating his dog apparantly because it was barking too much for him,called the police and he got charged with a cruelty to animals charge.I wont stand to watch that.
  16. " proabably at least 75% hispanic."
    that tells you all you need to know right there, they butcher pets here in cali for sport , they feed cats/kittens to their pits/rotties just to watch the 'fun'...
    almost every animal cruelty prosecution we get here is a wetbackian or a 'ferrin' stu(pi)dent ...
  17. What kind of world do we live in? [/B][/QUOTE]
    a wonderful democratised world of verminous murderous subhuman freaks allowed to run free by evil demoncraps who need their votes ...
    keep an eye on your kids , they're most likely next on the freaks list...
  18. Don't mean to hijack, but this thread seemed a perfect place to post this...a "people make me sick" type story that's really got me down.

    I work in a vet's office. Five days ago a woman brought in a dog (her pet) that had been hit 24 hours before by a car going 50+ MPH. Just looking you could see that its hips looked collapsed. X-rays revealed a broken leg and a pelvis that wasn't just broken but crushed. The dog couldn't walk or control its bladder or bowels. It was in terrible pain. It was still good-natured enough to wag at the people around it. We contacted the woman and told her what her options were, surgery at a different, larger facility that would run into thousands of dollars, or euthanasia.

    She chose the third option...doing nothing. Every time I spoke to her she said she would be right over to take care of things. The dog is still sitting in a kennel at our facility, still hurting. She simply decided not to pick up the dog. For the past five days that dog has been in hellish pain because she won't take responsibility for her own pet. The dog is certainly going to be euthanized at this point. The messed up part is that she hasn't been put out of her misery already. Every day I come into work and this sweet dog is laying there shaking with pain (despite the painkillers she's on) and thumping her tail when you say her name or scratch behind her ears.

    Now let's look at the legal aspects of this little situation. We can't euthanize an animal without the express written permission of the owner. There's a sheet that we print out that the owner signs. The owner could have come in, signed the sheet, and left without paying and we would have been annoyed about the money, but at least the dog's situation would have been resolved.

    This wasn't a financial issue either. We contacted the owners this morning and in a last-ditch effort to get them to do something told them that they had one day to pick up their dog. There would be NO CHARGE for five days of hospitalization or X-rays or drugs. They could take it to the pound and have it euthanized for a minimal fee and would be released from debt from our clinic. The money is not the issue at this point.

    No takers. They didn't come by.

    Since the owner chose not to take either of the options offered, we have to go through the process of legally declaring the animal abandoned (which we are doing). However, for the animal to be considered abandoned by law, it has to be in our possession for 10 days.

    This is what this dog has to look forward to for the rest of her short life (she's only about 9 months old). She's been at our clinic for five days. She will go through five more days of terrible pain, unable to walk or control her bladder, wondering where her owners are, before we can legally euthanize her. It's terrible that she's in a situation that will end in euthanasia, but even worse that even that relief can't be given because some *expletive deleted* is too lazy to come in and sign a piece of paper.

    Yep, people make me sick.
  19. That is crazy. That person ought to be hit by a car and left alone for 10 days, except for maybe the occasional kick to the ribs while theyre down.
    What a low life SOB.
  20. That is just awful, how in the world can she do that.Talk about cruel, I would love to see her brought up on animal cruelty.
    She has chose to do nothing. She could of signed the paper. When she dropped the animal off. I hate people like her. No regard for another living creature. There is no excuse for that person. What a dirt bag.
    I can not understand this. It is just beyond my understanding.
    I last month dropped my dog off in pain. Before I went to my doctor. For my abcsess toe. Believe me. I was in pain too.
    My little Yorkie has neck disc trouble, sometimes. And I made sure he got treatment. Oh he is fine right now. He gets flare ups. Poor little guy.
    If he rough houses to much. With the other dogs. He gets sore. It isn't easy keeping him quiet. Yorkies are tough out going dogs. They think they are big dogs.
  21. I like how these post nowaday on GT seems to pick on groups/types of people on just pure speculation

    live in an apartment complex with my girlfriend in a not so nice part of town, proabably at least 75% hispanic. Lots of honking, loud music, weird looks, not good.

    Nowhere did the op indicate any "hispanics" killed this cat or any group of people, and then some how we assume it was the hispanics that did this to this cat. What about the other 25%, they surely couldn't have harm this cat now could they ?

    and then we add , the following ;

    Hopefully they'll get deported and die of heat exhaustion being smuggled back in. I really do wish these thing's on people, never animals.

    All I have to add to this thread, now only people are mean to animals, they are also mean to each other, with no cause but speculation, or hatred based on un warranted reasons.
  22. Despite the fact that human beings have the mental advantage over other life, they ignore compassion. This is not "forgetful", this is "cruel". We KNOW what we're doing, but some people do it anyway.

    Humans have the capacity to be evil.
  23. My wonderful, sweet, gentle collie (https://www.glocktalk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=720263 )
    was horribly abused and neglected for 6 years by is owner, who shot his mate right in front of him. To this day he is terrified of loud noises (firecrackers, thunder) and when he sees a gun of mine will run and hide.

    When I found out that she was dying, slowly and painfully of pancreatic cancer, a smile crossed my face and stayed there for a long time.

    She came over one time to visit my neighbor (her son, whom I had taken the dog from after he took him in to save him from dear mom, who was going to shoot him for some stupid reason) what broke my heart was that my dog still wagged his tail and wanted to go up to her. That is how loyal dogs are. It took all my self-restraint to keep from going over to this POS and beating her. Even though I know she's in terrible pain now from the cancer, it still isn't enough in my book.
  24. "You can judge the morality of a nation by the way the society treats its animals" ---Ghandi
  25. I just joined this site today and I have enjoyed reading all the posts until I got to this one.
    I read this last night and almost got sick.
    I will never understand what kind of person/sicko would harm an innocent animal for any reason. Last week I found two 4-5 week old kittens living under a pop machine at a carry out. I asked the owner if he knew they were there, he did but did not care. I caught them in short order and spent the whole day finding them a home. None of the cat rescue shelters would take them, they were full, the pound said they would put them down(kill them) because they were not over two pounds. I finally found a vet in town who agreed to take them. I would have taken them in but I live alone and work all day and I could not feed them or care for them, and my Duchess said NO! She is a diva!
    The more people I meet the more I love my cat! >>^..^<<
  26. I think we can add Michel Vick to the Sick list as well!:steamed:

  27. http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/13708685/detail.html?rss=dgo&psp=news

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  28. I don't normally believe in Carma but that puke deserves to get shanked.

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  29. I hope there is a special level of Hell reserved for people who treat animals like that...
  30. With any luck at all, these pukes that hurt critters WILL end up in that special place in hell, but hopefully not before they are tormented with pain for the balance of their short lives.
  31. Sorry, but that is not true at all. The Germans passed many animal protection laws in the 1930s, and any animal abuse was considered criminal. We know how they treated people.

    I love my dogs, but that is no indication of how I am as a person. I've met people who love animals, but are horrible dirt bags otherwise. And I've met some seemingly wonderful people, who turn out to treat animals poorly. Bottom line is that it's important, but means nothing. As little as that makes sense, it's true.