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Pearce grip extension for G39 ?

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Ok I recieved my Pearce +1 grip extinctions for my G39, and installed them on both my mags.

I am having a issue with them being very difficult to load the mag into the gun with it loaded to full capacity (7 rounds).

I have to use a lot of force to get them to lock in, and they seem to be dragging on the slide when I rack the 1st round. I can actually feel the slide move upward when I install the mag like its pushing against it.

Now if I load a round in the gun, remove the mag replace the round in the mag to a full 7 rounds, install the mag, then try to rack the slide as to eject the round in the chamber it is VERY difficult to manipulate the slide. But if I do all of that just using six rounds in the magazine it operates as normal with no issues it's only when I add the seventh round that there's a problem.

It seems to actually be marring and denting the brass on the round from contact with the slide.

Now did I do something wrong with the install or is there a issue with this.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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