Pearce +1s for Glock 36 - my experience

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Erich, Nov 8, 2004.

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    Hi all,

    I recently got some Pearce +1 floorplates for some of my G36 mags (Thanks, SLS! :) ). I've read how some folks had jams when using them, so I was a little concerned.

    The extensions themselves seemed very well engineered, so I thought that it might be a magazine spring issue. I ordered a three-pack of Wolff +10% mag springs online, and installed them when they arrived a few days later. I converted two of my 4 G36 mags to 7-rounders.

    There was some stiffness in loading in the seventh round. When I first function tested a loaded mag at home, I found that a rather vigorous tug on the slide was required to load the first round. I did not do this the first time I attempted to load the pistol, and an FMJ round hung up on the feed ramp. After noting this, however, and being sure that I rack the slide properly, I have not had another failure.

    Taking the converted mags to the range yesterday, I found that it was necessary to whack the bottom of the mag fairly hard to ensure proper seating in the butt of the pistol.

    I tested the mags by loading seven rounds, seating the mag, and chambering the first round. I then topped-up the mag to its new full 7-round capacity and fired. I burned up 100 rounds of FMJ ammo this way.

    I experienced no failures of any kind during this outing. I was very pleased with the function of the Pearce +1s in combination with the Wolff +10% springs. I feel confident using the new 7-round mags for personal defense work (I did not feel the need to test with any hollow points at the range, since I carry Federal's 200-gr +P EFMJ round).

    I also found an unlooked-for benefit during my testing. At about round #40, I noticed that my groups were much better than usual given the kind of shooting that I was doing. I thought about it, and realized that the Glock 36 was actually much more pleasant to shoot with the extended grip provided by the +1 floorplate. This was interesting, since in just grasping the gun I had not noticed a significant increase in comfort with the longer grip. It makes total sense, however. Anyway, I found I could shoot faster and more accurately with the longer floorplates in place.

    I plan on continuing to use the standard factory floorplate on the mag that I leave in the G36 when I SmartCarry it (who needs a longer bulge where the butt protrudes?), but I will definitely carry +1 floorplates on the back-up mags and I will switch to a +1 floorplate when the gun goes on the nightstand in the evening.
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    May 13, 2004
    Hi Erich, nice report. I have the extended +1 Pierce grips on a couple of my G36 magazines and have not replaced the mag springs. I've shot several hundred rounds through them and have had nary a hitch. I like the extra length in the grip and find it more comfortable as well. I am currently carrying it with 230gr Hydrashoks. My seamstress has enlarged 3 pairs of trouser pockets, so this gun is a 'pocket pistol' for me.