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PC games now with console controller support.

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For those who want to play PC games using a controller like the Xbox 360 one weather or not the game supports controllers.

<--- Off to go play some more counterstrike with controller.:beer:
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I think that we could debate this till the cows come home.
The bottom line for me is, the controller allows me to relax lean back on my sofa and enjoy a game at home.
The keyboard/mouse allows me to sit up at my desk and give me a faint feeling that I am still at work.:freak:

For this reason and this reason alone the controller is and will stay number one in my book.All the other advantages of the controller are just frosting on the cake.

The only downside with this program I have found, is that it doesn't allow for analog movement/control just digital walk/run style.

Not really its fault but the fault of the game maker.
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