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Pavel: Crossfit Verse RKC

  1. I found the article below re-posted on a strength training forum I read regularily. It is supposed to be Pavel's response when someone claimed his approach was close to Crossfit. I cannot vouch for its validity, as this was reposted to the forum by someone other than Pavel from Pavel's original post. I did not see Pavels's original post. However, I do cyber-trust the person that reposted it, so therefore I assume it to be an accurate repost.

    I found it an interesting read and hope you enjoy........

  2. Interesting. Thanks for the post. Not sure if anybody's "right," "wrong," or just that it's possible to skin the cat any number of ways.

    Do you know what he means by:
    Safe exercise is about distributing the load across
    many muscle groups and joints rather than smoking the
    weak links. E.g., by insisting on retracting the
    shoulder during overhead lifts you pass the load from
    the small and vulnerable shoulder to the large and
    powerful torso. That means good-by to shoulder
    injuries. It also means a greater pressing or
    supporting strength. Keeping the shoulder down
    literally improves the leverage of the press and makes
    a great use of the skeletal structure when supporting
    weights overhead. "

    I haven't read Pavel's books (except SuperJoints), so not really sure what he's typing about here. Sounds like the active shoulder stuff that I've read about at CF.

    I'm starting to believe that "We train and then test. We don't train by testing." is smarter for a lot of us. Constantly focusing on PRs is one of the mistakes I've made that's caused the most problems. Body just can't take that kind of beating.
  3. Which part Brad? The part about safety, or the description of a safe press? I have a couple of Pavel books (only 2 they are too pricey I think).

    Yeah, that was one of the major points that hit home for me. That seems to be the way the rowing/erging community works too. I thought you might be interested in that statement too.
  4. The part about shoulders. I think he's typing about active shoulders, something that I don't quite understand yet.

    I think some folks just won't push themselves without an approach like CF's. Then there are elite folks who can do anything they want and never get hurt. I'm one of those guys with a mind that'll write checks that my body can't cash (now that I'm not 20) and am probably better off just cranking away without regard to "what's a good score."
  5. I'll get out my Kettlebell Challenge book to see if there is more about the shoulder stuff. Of course, as always, it may take a while.

    As far as the training/testing comment; I struggle with that too. I don't lift for a max rep every workout, but i have a hard time holding back from repping out. Lately I have started back cycling though, so I may find out how it works for me. That's asssuming I'm getting enough lowe intensity volume.
  6. I think the reason repping out to failure day in, day out going for PRs, worked for me in the old days was that I was always doing a small number of familiar movements. Being 20 didn't hurt either. I also never working out a muscle group when it was not recovered. I still don't get that part of CF.

    This stuff seems to come full circle. Ten years from now, we'll all be typing about how one should be repping out to failure on a 3 on, 1 off schedule.