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Patrol Shotgun: "Cruiser Ready" Oregon Security Training

Discussion in 'T&T Commercial Postings' started by SecurityTrainer, Nov 3, 2010.

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    Most people are used to sport/hunting aplications, or NOW in the LEO world "Less than Lethal" options, but what about the REAL world aplications of a defensive shotgun?


    Patrol Shotgun: "Cruiser Ready!"

    (8.0 hrs Classroom/Range)

    This course is designed to give the armed citizen, and armed professionial a working/practical knowledge in the defensive use of a shotgun.

    It was devloped from a combination of training and exoerience of two instructors with over 65 years of professionial working knowledge.

    The need for a course that looks at practical applications and not just
    "Tacti-cool" solutions gives the armed citizen or armed professionial a hands on introduction to the defensive use of a shotgun.

    This course is NOT about sport shooting, or field applications for hunting. It is designed for Armed Citizens, Armed Security Officers and Law Enforcement Professionials.

    The training covers Firearm Safety, and direct Shotgun Safety, Shooting positons, Nomenclature, Shotgun loads, Use of Force, and and much more in addition hands on range time (split AM classroom, on site lunch break PM range).

    We offer this course localy (PDX/Salem, OR.) but we are we not opposed to travel.

    NOTE: I posted the class time/location in the T&T Commercial section BUT I would like to post it in Tactical Shotgun forum that is truly the place to get insight and intel.

    For more informationm you can contact us via the PM/E-mail info. on GT.

    Thank you all for your time and please remember...

    "Be Safe Out There!"


    Oregon Security Training
    "Be Safe Out There!"