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    First, I'd like to apologize for my last letter where I failed to include the roll call votes on the current gun bills being heard in the Indiana Legislature.

    Here they are:

    HB 1068 - http://www.in.gov/legislative/bills/2010/PDF/Hrollcal/0070.PDF.pdf

    HB 1065 - http://www.in.gov/legislative/bills/2010/PDF/Hrollcal/0069.PDF.pdf

    You must read the article that appeared in our Evansville Courier today about the absolute idiotic theatrics of Indiana State Representative Vernon Smith with picture:

    For the life of me, I can't understand how anyone would vote for this fool, who stated as you read in the article that he is incapable of controlling his anger and should not be trusted with a gun. Why would people trust him with the powers of office?

    Some have asked if these bills will now become law. Well, the process is not quite over yet. All of the bills like SB 25, HB 1065 and HB 1068 will leave their respective chambers and will now move to the opposite chamber, senate to house, house to senate.

    There they will begin the process all over again. Since they've traveled this far their chances of becoming law are much greater. Those bills will still be subject to amendments in their new chambers and if the those amendments change the bill's original version then it will go to a conference committee.

    If things are agreed on there it will move to the full House and Senate to be voted on and if it gets out of that process it heads for the Governor's desk for signing. Like they say; making laws and making sausage is not something you want to see.

    An example of this can be viewed at :
    Senate Discussion of SB 25 -- the Parking Lot bill -- is here: http://www.in.gov/legislative/2442.htm

    Below is a little of the debate and how those on our side have to engage.

    January 25, discussion begins at the 1:07:03 mark.

    Senator Tom Wyss takes the podium at 1:11:05; makes his "I know I'll be hearing from NRA" remark at 1:16:53 and finishes at 1:18:27

    Senator Brent Steele takes the podium at 1:18:35 and gives a basic recap of his tarring and feathering the Lilly head of security in committee.

    Senator Ron Alting gets up to speak at 1:22:32. He is very much against campus carry -- thanked Senator Nugent for excluding campuses and pledged his support for this version of Parking Lots.

    Senator Brandt Hershman takes the podium at 1:25:00. He gives a good explanation of women who use firearms: Sandy Froman, Susanna Gratia Hupp in Texas, his wife and the importance of women having access to their firearms in their cars.

    Senator Karen Tallian takes the podium at 1:31:32. She tried to offer an amendment in second reading on anti-discrimination practices and giving larger numbers of people who feel they've been discriminated against to sue their employer. Her amendment failed after Sen. Steele got up and asked her if they adopted her amendment, would she give him her word to vote for the bill. She couldn't, he laughed, she sat down. So she got up to speak and explain her "no" vote here by saying "this bill is fundamentally UNFAIR". (She's a big labor union gal -- which is fine, but she tried to get some labor-friendly discrimination language in our bill and I told Sen. Nugent that she needs to get her own lobbyists to go after her agenda and not use our bill to pass her language!)

    Senator Waltz gets up to speak at 1:32:34. He speaks about the private property vs. Second Amendment rights -- which I think is good because I know some in the gun community who are divided on this point. He is a co-author but is also a small business owner and "guards jealously" his private property rights.

    Senator Nugent retakes the podium at 1:35:31. At 1:37:00, he answers Senator Tallian by saying, "Senator Tallian, unfortunately, life is unfair."

    Remember that it's hard to get the whole pie at once, but just moving ahead is a major accomplishment. We could have been hearing votes cast on bills to confiscate guns, ban certain rifles and magazine capacities, repeal of handgun license, special taxes on guns and ammo and so on.

    Instead of us having to fight a battle of defense, it's our opponents that are scrambling on the defense. They can't hear their anti gun bills because we stopped them and the only alternative for them is to hear our bills.

    I hope we all appreciate the heat those legislators are taking from the folks in their district who are not like us and don't believe in the Second Amendment. When the fight is over, the lights are turned off and the dust settles, those brave legislators who fought this fight all the way through will still have to go back home and face those who opposed these good bills.

    Sometimes we may disagree with the process, but I urge you to keep in mind that all those who spent endless hours in debate and that includes not just the committee members, but also those like Ashley Varner from the NRA and Bill Dowden and Charlie Hiltunen who rode it out too.

    I'll have more to report at our 2nd Amendment Patriots meeting Saturday and hope all of you who read this will make every effort to come and bring friends. Thanks.

    Jim and Margie
    2nd Amendment Patriots

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