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[Patriots] We've been here and there

Discussion in 'Indiana Glockers' started by HK45Mark23, Mar 16, 2010.

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    Aug 17, 2005
    Evansvile / Newburgh, Indiana You can read for yourself that it doesn't appear that Gov. Daniels is going to veto HB 1065.

    I want to remind everyone in our area that we are having a campaign meeting tonight at 6:30 PM at the German Township Fire Station. I've been invited to speak at the Vanderburgh County Right to Life Vigil tonight in front of the Federal Building at 5:30 PM. I'm told I will be the first speaker, so Margie and I will be able to still get to the fire station before 6:30.

    If I may I'd like to say a little something about my campaign. The past several days and weeks I've had the wonderful opportunity to accept invitations to speak to different audiences besides the 2nd Amendment Patriots.

    Last month I spoke at the Tri State TEA party, the Vanderburgh County Right To Life Board of Directors, the Women Right of Center meeting and then was invited on the Les Shively radio program and the Gibson County GOP breakfast.

    This month I spoke at the Red Brush Gun Range in Warrick County, though the range is not in my district some of their members are and it was nice to explain some of the pro gun initiatives I've been involved in. A couple of weeks ago I spoke at the United Freedom Makers/TEA Party meeting. I also was given the chance to speak at the Posey County Republican precinct meeting, the Warrick County Freedom Makers, the Downtown Evansville Optimist Club and last night I spoke at the IOTC meeting.

    At every one of these affairs the reaction from the audience has been absolutely terrific. The laughter and applause and questions are phenomenal. The comments afterwards are so inspiring to me. It's been a lot of fun. I've had folks who live in other counties ask me if I could run in their district and I even had some ladies ask me if I would consider running for president. We've been surrounded by great folks and just being able to do that is worth the run.

    After this primary is over, whether I win or lose, I want to write to all of you about some of my thoughts about this election year. Again, Margie and I want you all to know how grateful we are to all of you who have supported my campaign and to all those of you who live far beyond this district who have helped and have prayed for us.

    Thank you all,

    Jim and Margie
    2nd Amendment Patriots

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