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[Patriots] So you will know

Discussion in 'Indiana Glockers' started by HK45Mark23, Jan 25, 2010.

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    This Saturday, Jan. 30th will be our next 2nd Amendment Patriot meeting. We're going to have some guests that are running for office, both state and federal. Make sure to bring your friends and family. We start at 6 PM Central Time and as most of you know, we hold our meetings at the West Side Sportsman's Club just west of Evansville on Peerless Rd.

    Dan Stockton, candidate for Congress will be there as well as Kristi Risk who is also running for Congress. Wendy McNamara will also join us. She is the Republican candidate for Indiana House District 76 that is currently held by Rep.Van Haaften.

    We will also have Ron Bacon, the Republican candidate running for the Indiana House District 75 which has been held by Rep. Avery seemingly forever, joining us.

    There are several gun bills passed out of their respective houses and will be voted on as early as today. Both SB 25 and HB 1065 have been amended before being passed out of committee. These two bills address carry to the workplace. Rep. Welch's bill 1068 passed out of committee clean and unanimously. This is the bill that would protect gun owners with a carry license from having their personal information accessed. The news media, especially the newspapers, have mounted a full blown assault on this bill. They've been using their luxury of owning the printing press to spread their contempt.

    Here is just one example,

    Our fellow Patriot Jim V. who live near Brookville where the town council passed an ordinance some months back to prohibit guns on town owned or leased property has been almost single handedly fighting to reverse that decision. Below is a copy of an article that appeared in their local paper:

    Brookville Democrat Wednesday, January 20, 2010

    BTC discusses gun ban – By Randy Teufel (correspondent)

    The gun control ordinance passed by the Brookville Town council in the fall continues to be an issue of concern with the town’s residents.

    Jim Vohland, who has been to several council meetings to ask the board to reconsider the ordinance, suggested the ordinance be amended to allow those with firearm permits to carry such weapons except when attending town meetings. The board had previously used similar restrictions in nation, state and county parks to defend its firearm prohibition in the town park. Vohland explained that his research has revealed in Indiana state parks, those with a firearm permit are exempt. Similar legislation was recently passed to allow the same in national parks.

    Vohland thanked the board for continuing to listen to public comments on the issue and asked the board to take his suggestion into consideration.

    We thank Jim for staying in the fight. I just can't understand where the rest of the town is. This is the home town of Rep. Bob Bischoff who is the gentleman who introduced HB 1065. It would be nice to see the Honorable Representative who is pushing carry to the workplace to make a presentation to the Brookville town council.

    I want to thank all of our good friends who have helped promote gun rights here in Indiana during this session and also helped extinguish the wicked anti gun bills that were introduced. While some legislators may have been taking advantage of this election year to introduce good gun bills for some self serving purpose, there were many who seized this chance to get these passed and also helped to try and protect them from amendments that would weaken these bills.

    Some of these bills have been offered for the past couple of years and never got a chance to advance, sometimes due to the very people who stood in their way, but this time chose to author them. All of our friends with the Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association and others, including the good folks throughout Indiana who are now part of the 2nd Amendment Patriots have taken an active role this session to apply all they can to increase gun rights. I want to especially thank Ashley Varner, with the NRA, who has spent more time in Indiana than any of the other states she is assigned to for committing so much work and energy and personal time in our state.

    We'll Saturday and don't forget our pot luck dinner will be bring your favorite chili or potato soup, dessert and/or soda pops.

    Jim and Margie
    2nd Amendment Patriots

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