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    If any of you want to read or watch the television story about the 2nd Amendment Patriots you can go to http://tristatehomepage.com/content/fulltext/?cid=128342

    I think Sarah the reporter did a great job. She told us that her supervisor said she could not do the story because I was running for public office and that they would have to give equal time to my opponent. She said if my opponent or the incumbent had spent 11 years fighting for gun rights and led an organization like this she'd be happy to do that. Then the news editor of the station spoke up and told her to do the story any way she wanted.

    It was real nice of her to give me that great plug about running for senate. Speaking of running, I want to mention that fellow Patriot Jim Vohland who lives near Bloomfield and has been working real hard to reverse that city's decision to ban guns on city property is running for county council. Congratulations to Jim and we wish him the very best for stepping forth. That's how we overcome our opponents.

    Also, the next Meet Your Legislator meeting is here in Evansville:
    Saturday, February 6, 2010
    9:15 a.m.– 11:00 a.m. (doors open at 9:00 a.m.)

    Evansville Central Library (Walnut and MLK)

    Browning Rooms (A & B)

    Jim and Margie
    2nd Amendment Patriots

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