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    Based on the barrage of e-mails we're getting there is a storm ready to unleash if Dan Coats enters the Indiana Senate race. There is no doubt from the letters and daily conversations we get that citizens are no longer going to fall victim to candidates or incumbents for that matter who are planning the bait and switch game to get elected.

    I'm glad to see the eyes wide open and the ears keenly aware of the old policy of speaking from both sides of the mouth. The jigs up. Am I right?

    This Friday February 12th at 11:00 AM I'm going to hold a courtesy filing in Mt. Vernon at the Clerk's office across from the Courthouse. I need all of you to make calls to your friends and contacts to show up so we can make this hit the news. From there we're going to travel to Evansville and do the same thing at the Civic Center at 1:00 PM.

    Folks you have to remember that I have a primary election to win which is on May 4th. If I'm going to advance to the general election I must get past this primary. On May 5th my opponent or I will be out of the running. My primary opponent has a history of voting Democrat and his family holds a Democrat office as a county commissioner in Mt. Vernon.

    I hope all of you no matter where you live will help us overcome this first obstacle. Check out my website www.jimtomes.com

    Below is the link to the Evansville Courier/Press and the letter that I was invited to write by the Opinion Page Editor .http://www.courierpress.com/news/2010/feb/07/disclosure-puts-gun-owners-at-risk/

    They did print it without editing it. Let me also establish in everyone's mind that though it's been gun rights that have driven me to this point I am far from being a single issue individual. You can read that on my website. I've been asked to write letters on other subjects and submit them. I have done so on many occasions over the years and since I'm running for office I will try to compose some letters on other matters in order that folks can get a real gauge of where I stand.

    It takes time to keep up with everything but I will do my best to address the endless number of issues out there. Wednesday I've been invited to do about a 7 minute video about my candidacy. I can discuss any topic presented. I am no scholar, but God has given me common sense and armed with that I feel confident to engage whatever may arise.

    Margie and I did not accept this undertaking lightly. Your prayers are sincerely requested for without them there can be no hope.

    Thank you all, our dear friends, for your support,

    Jim and Margie
    2nd Amendment Patriots

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