[Patriots] Media full-court press to gut the database bill

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    I'm forwarding this letter I just received.

    Subject: media full-court press to gut the database bill

    HB 1068 is the bill -- and while still effective to prevent names and addresses, it allows for access to some statistical information. In it's current form, HB 1068 is ALREADY the most fair to media than any of the other 27 bills currently in place around the country. The press really have no reason to gripe.

    > Chairman, bob bischoff; h68@in.gov
    > Vice-chair, dave cheatham; h69@in.gov
    > Bill sponsor, peggy welch; h60@in.gov
    > Members:
    > nancy dembowski h17@in.gov
    > Dale grubb; h42@in.gov
    > Nancy michael; h44@in.gov
    > Phil pflum; h56@in.gov
    > Paul robertson; h70@in.gov
    > Bob cherry; h53@in.gov
    > Dick dodge; h51@in.gov
    > Tim brown; h41@in.gov
    > Sean eberhart; h57@in.gov
    > Dan leonard; h5@in.gov

    Let them know we don't want the press to have access to our names and addresses with gun permit information, that would be a huge help!


    This appears in the Muncie StarPress newspaper.


    "Say, for example, you want to find out whether there are any convicted child molesters living in your neighborhood. You have young children, and like any good parent, you look up the information on available Web sites. Your research uncovers several living in your neighborhood. If you want to know whether they have permits to carry a gun, you can get that information. This bill, however, would prohibit that information from being made known."

    "Unless the bill, HB1068 is amended, this kind of examination of the gun permit process will be closed. It will be impossible for a newspaper -- or you -- to dig for this information."

    They've just proven us correct -- the papers have been treating law-abiding gun permit holders as criminals, including equating them with sex offenders.

    Now they've gotten as bold enough as to put it in words in their own editorial. It's disgusting and is exactly why other states don't make exemptions for the media in their restricted access permit laws. The media are THE PROBLEM.

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