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[Patriots] Call about HB 1058

Discussion in 'Indiana Glockers' started by HK45Mark23, Jan 8, 2010.

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    Aug 17, 2005
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    Please follow up on the action requested at the bottom of this letter.

    I mentioned Indiana House bill HB. 1058 yesterday. This bill may get a hearing any day now because things are moving fast in this short session. At first glance this seems like an acceptable measure, but there are some serious flaws that will bring grief to law abiding citizens.

    The bill would require a person with a handgun license that is detained by a law enforcement officer for any reason to immediately notify the officer if there is a gun in their vehicle or on their person.

    The NRA lobbyist has just told me they are going to oppose this bill as well. There are a few problems with this bill. While no one wants to be surprised in a situation like the encounter described, this bill only applies to citizens with a handgun license. It does not refer to criminals who may have a stolen gun or a person who does not have a license.

    They would not be subjected to any penalties that this particular bill declares. Besides the fact that the sole element of society this bill is directed at are folks who have obtained a handgun license, it also introduces a boundless description of what "immediate" would be.

    I want everyone to understand the implications this bill would have if it were to become law. There are absolutely no redeeming value or merit for this measure to control crime or impact the safety of those in law enforcement. No criminal or deranged individual will ever on their own consider the safety of a police officer in that kind of situation.

    However, a "proper citizen" could become a victim if this were law, in the fact that it would be yet another charge applied for not immediately disclosing the information mandated.

    Ashley Varner, who is the NRA lobbyist is going to contact Rep. Bischoff who is the Chairman of the Natural Resources to help stop this measure. I'm asking that everyone who receives this letter will also call and recommend it be tabled.

    The phone number is Indiana House 1-800-382-9842. Have the operator place your call into Rep. Bischoff's office and tell them you're calling about HB 1058. When your done have that person patch your call on to the other committee members:

    Vice Chair: Representative Cheatham
    Members: Dembowski, Grubb, Michael, Pflum, Robertson. Dodge R.M.M., T. Brown, Cherry, Eberhart, Leonard.

    Generally you can have your call moved along to each of them without ever having to hang up and call back by just asking them to forward your call on to the next member.

    Ashley is going to contact the author of the bill; Shelli VanDenburgh , Democrat, District 19 and try to explain why this is not acceptable.

    We need everyone across the state to call their state representative as well. But, do call those committee members. Don't lay back and think someone else will carry your load, make those calls today. Thanks.

    Jim and Margie
    2nd Amendment Patriots

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