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    Yesterday evening I got a phone call from Christina with Rep. Cheatham's office. She told me that HB 1058 will not receive a hearing. Cheatham is the Vice Chair in the committee that the bill is in. It's chaired by Rep. Bischoff, whom I was told also declared that the bill would not receive a hearing.

    Rep. Eric Koch also called me this morning to congratulate our group for bringing attention to this "bad bill" as he put it.

    This is very good news. HB 1058 gave me cause for concern. This was a textbook example of a bill that would fool a lot of legislators into voting for it. At first glance it looks like a pretty feel good package, but this thing contains nothing but razor wire for lawful citizens.

    Here is the text: DIGEST OF INTRODUCED BILL

    Handgun licenses. Requires a person: (1) who has a license to carry a handgun; (2) who carries the handgun in a vehicle or on or about the person's body; and (3) who is stopped or otherwise detained by a law enforcement officer for any reason; to immediately disclose to the law enforcement officer that the person is carrying the handgun in the vehicle or on or about the person's body. Makes a failure to immediately disclose the information to a law enforcement officer: (1) a Class C infraction for the first violation; and (2) a Class B infraction for a second or subsequent violation.

    Here's why I put this on the radar. First, it would only apply to a person who has a license to carry. It divides the state into two segments. Those that have a license and those who don't.

    Those who don't either choose not to or they are prohibited from having one. So the bonehead felon who is in a high speed chase after knocking off a convenience store with his stolen gun and finally gets stopped, won't be subject to this law because he doesn't have a license and his attorney will tell that to the judge and jury in the courtroom.

    The other land mine in this bill is the word "immediate". By whose definition, or whose stop watch, do we base immediate on?

    This bill has no merit or bearing on any crime control, but it would surely be a fine tool to jeopardize the citizen who it targets; the person who has proven to be a "proper person" by virtue of being issued that license.

    Thanks to all of you who made calls into the state house to demand this bill not get a hearing and we hope that those legislators are men of their word and hold to what they promised.

    I also want to acknowledge our friends Ashley Varner, Bill Dowden and Charlie Hiltunen for arranging a meeting with the Indianapolis Mayor Ballard and impress upon him their concerns with his choice of Public Safety Director, Frank Straub. Thanks folks!

    This Saturday will be a "Meet Your Legislator Meeting" in Evansville at the Central Library at 9 AM. I hope some of you will be there.

    John Hostettler is having a campaign volunteer meeting on Monday, Jan. 18th at the Marriott on Hwy 41 N in Evansville at 7 PM and there will be a table at the Indy 1500 gun show this weekend with volunteers seeking signatures for him.

    I'm having a campaign meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 19th at 6:30 PM at the German Township Fire Station where we used to hold our Patriot meetings.

    Be sure to remember the 2nd Amendment Patriot meeting this month on Saturday the 30th at the West Side Sportsman's Club and the pot luck dinner will be bring you favorite chili or potato soup. Desserts and soda pops would be nice, too.

    Jim and Margie
    2nd Amendment Patriots

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