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Past is Prologue: Pt. II - Domestic Terrorism by any other name.

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Lakota, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Lakota


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    Sep 12, 2011
    For all the allusions to the high ranking government officials all the way up the chain of command, being democratically selected and empowered by 'We the people': continues to place the blame for the culminating deterioration of the democratic system (and the very infrastrrcture of society at large) on the voting public. Bumper stickers proclaiming that those who don't vote have not right to complain, only reinforce the extremely questionable premise that the will of the majority of the voting public is the deciding factor in matters of government of, by and for the people, viz., in the paraphrased words of Joseph Stalin, "It is not the number of people who vote that matters, it is how the votes are counted."

    In the incumbent 'New Age' of 'hi tech', the electronic vehicularization of the 'voting booth' is no less vulnerable to cyber-attack/hackers than any other computerized system. Given the incumbent corruption of and within 'government', the control and manipulation of the public vote is more a 'probability' than a 'possibility'. Yet, the out-dated confidence and purportation that 'We the people' are responsible for the ominously increasing anti-democratic transgressions of fundamental American Democracy, certainly including the Constitution, is instead a colossal example of circuitously Blaming the Victim(s) - as though Democracy is intact; as though the existential status quo is foreordained 'manifest destiny'; as though (let's pre-tend) the destruction of the 'establishment' is the will of 'We the people', in this way, completely departing from - and vacantly conflicting with and denying - the opening message ('The Perfect Storm' peril) of this ongoing thread. :whistling:

    Exemplary cases in point of 'History Unfolding: The Perfect Storm' - the dominant (mass electronic and printed media) is not addressing urgently important issues that may very well be ongoing and continuingly unresoved (a denied, unrecognized and/or ignored real problem is consequently unaddressed and unattended: predestined to get worse): there seems to be 'no news' regarding the 'bygone' crisis of the so called 'oil spill' in the Gulf of Mexico; which has been dubiously compared to that of the Exxon Valdez oil tanker off the shores of Alaska, while that was a finite amount of oil, while the notably misnomered 'oil spill' in the Gulf of Mexico is not a finite (limited) 'spill' at all, but rather the exudation of oil from the compromised bottom of the sea, the quantity of which is not limited to the capacity of any sea-going oil tanker...

    Yet another crisis about which the mass media is ominously evasive is potentially far more grim than the possible - if unknown - consequences of the Gulf of Mexico 'oil spill', is the status of the - especially two, of six - severely damaged nuclear power plants in Japan, which has been compared to 'Chernobyl' and 'Three Mile Island' - both of which incidents released relatively brief bursts of radioactive emissions, compared to what may still be ongoing in Japan... (Updates on that issue are requested in this thread, if and when such information is available).

    Then there is the near doubling of food prices in the United States in the past approximately eight months (what is the real cause, meaning and consequence of this?), and the relatively uncontroversial plight of about three and one half million families - mom, dad and kids - living in automobiles (while the 'mass media' transmits 'public service messages' soliciting donations to distressed people in foreign countries - many of whom do not receive any of the donations that are provided, due to theft from 'tribal leaders' and rogue government'pirates'), instead of giving priority to rescuing our own severely suffering people, first. <!-- google_ad_section_end -->