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Passport Question

  1. We want to go to Mexico in March - my daughter's passport expires in July. My neighbor just told me MX won't accept passports within six mos of expiration. BS or truth?
  2. True.
  3. Really? I didn't know that!
  4. Hang on...stop right there.
  5. I think I have heard this about other countries as well.

    I assume that they don't want to run the possibility that it might expire before you return home.
  6. For sure. I didn't know MX had these rules. I've got a call in-to a guy at the Mexican Embassy we'll see what he says.

    BTW - the official policy is indeed that the pp must be valid for six months after the trip return date. But as with all things Mexican there seems to be significant room wriggle room.
  7. Why not just make the expiration date 6 months earlier then? :uglylol:

    That's about as reasonable a question as this policy is. Stupid governments.

  8. Thats because when they steal it there is not enough time to use it in their commerce plan.
  9. That kinda defeats the purpose of an expiration date then
  10. There probably is but it's kind of hard to bribe someone when you're not face to face. I don't think even corrupt mexican bureaucrats take Visa over the phone yet (although I wouldn't be terribly surprised if I'm wrong on this).
  11. Renew the passport, and then carry both with you. (They will return the old passport with one of the pictures stapled to it and a couple holes punched thru it).

    I got mine expedited for an extra ~70 bucks, and it was to me within 14 days. Only way to go :)

    Of course, looking at my picture from age 20 to 30 REALLY depresses me. Except for my hair...my hair is better now :supergrin:
  12. i don't think so
    if the passport was your's maybe a problem
    but if she is under 12 you will not have any issues
  13. get a new one, the six-month rule is the norm in MANY countries.
  14. renew the passport now and get it expedited if you do not think that it will make it in time...
  15. I renewed mine several weeks ago via expedited service and it took exactly one week.

    The rub is my daughter is 14. They don't renew kid's passports they totally rework them from scratch - usually taking 3-4 weeks. That's too long.

    There is a full blown passport office in Dallas that will renew her passport in one day if travel is to commence within 14 days. The guy at the MX Consulate said to wait until 14 days out make the appointment and get the thing done that way.
  16. Does Mexico even care? How are you entering Mexico?

    I've crossed the boarder several times down near Brownsville, TX and they didn't even ask for a passport when entering MX.

    Then again, who knows, the one time you go with your daughter you may get some guard who cares.
  17. Mexico does not want your daughter to stay and work.
  18. I would be more concerned with coming home. If you are flying you MUST have it to return to the US. I don't think US customs/immigration cares if it expires the day after you return. The 6 months is on the Mexico end. I have traveled to Mexico with only 3 months remaining on mine and my wife went to Moldova with about 3 months on hers. Rules and enforcement may have tightened up in the past few years though.
  19. Yeah, that's why I asked him how he planned to enter Mexico. I think TSA requires a passport for all international flights, whether the country to which you are flying requires one or not.

    If he's driving or walking, however, he may not even need it. Who knows, different border crossing points may be more or less strict about rules.
  20. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  21. Probably worth the $$$ if you want to have no worries during a vacation. I'd do my own research to make sure he wasn't full of it though :supergrin:
  22. Yes, use the State Department website to confirm. A lot of countries won't allow you to enter if your passport has less than 6 months on it remaining.
  23. Passports get you back into your home country...visas get you into others. I am not sure if you have to get a visa to go to Mexico, but they have the new Passport Card that is good enough for sea and land travel to Mex, Can, and Carribean IIRC.
    As for the 6 month thing...who knows.
  24. We'll travel on an airliner. A passport is required for everyone.
  25. That's exactly their stated fear.
  26. You might want to check out the travel.state.gov. web site. Read on my U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs booklet that "some countries" will either not let you enter or place a visa on your passport if within six months of expiration.

    We were in Cancun last month and my entire family from ages 7-47 got a "pat-down" before getting on the plane in Mexico to head back to the states. If your 14 year old is a GIRL like mine PACK FOR HER! My child had so dang many liquids with her it took forever to clear customs.

  27. I verified what he said through the airline. We'd likely not have an issue but with my luck we'd get the one hardline MX passport examiner on the way in.
  28. Good call - thanks. Sorry for the pat-down that's never fun.
  29. No it's not.

    you don't need a passport to enter Mexico, you need it t get back to the US. A lot of confusion of this thread is so disturbing.

    Now some airlines might request of look your passport over or make you present one at checkin, but you don't need a passport for flight travel TO Mexico and I'm sure if it was still good and none expired, you will get back into the USA with it regardless if it has 6mins or months time left on it.

    the problem is not entering Mejico is, re-entering the USA.
  30. You're being given some bad info. Noway, your info in particular is incorrect, as regards airline flights.

    Under IATA rules (International Air Transport Association) in place since October 2007, you MUST have a valid passport to get on a flight leaving the US. There is a short list of exeptions, for people with military ID, consular emergency letters, etc.


    So, Mexico formally requires a passport with six months validity, but often will waive that requirement (often/usually is NOT the same as always!), the US does require one to get back in, and the airline will require one to board.

    You won't get on the plane without a valid passport. Even if you could, anyone suggesting you take a minor out of the country without a passport that meets the requirements is doing you a deep disservice. You might get away with it, but you might also be hassled for bribes, be separated from your child by immigration officials, etc. Not even close to being worth it, IMHO.

    As noted above, there is no passport renewal for minors (under 18). Each application is adjudicated fresh, as if for a whole new passport. It's good that you're in a city with a full-on passport office, or this kind of thing can turn into a problem.

    Couple points of note - you need to call in to the passport office BEFORE the day you want to go in to get an appointment. These appointments often run out, so make sure you get one as early as their incredibly annoying automated phone system will let you sign up. Get one as early as possible in the 14-day period, and get the earliest one possible on the day you're going in.

    Make sure you have EVERYTHING in place when you arrive - you'll need valid passport photos (go to a place that does a lot of them - the requirements are very specific, and you'll get sent off to do them again if they're not right), original birth certificate, a printout of the itinerary with the applicant's name visible. The applicant must be there in person, as will BOTH parents, who will also need to bring their passports or valid ID, etc. Both parents will need to sign the application in front of the person taking your application. Don't do this in advance, or you'll have to re-do the application form and try again.

    All the details are at the link below, and they will NOT be flexible about them. If the names on the parents ID do not match those on the birth certificate, you should have any supporting documentation for name changes. Same story if you have any custody arrangements, etc.


    In all liklihood, you will NOT get the passport issued the same day for a minor, even for claimed same-day service. You might luck out, but they take extra care, and run extra checks on minors, and tend to be kind of suspicious about last minute applications. It'll help that she's had a passport before. I'd say it's about 45% same day, 45% next day, 10% two days.

    Final thought is that ~95% of applications handled by the local offices get the passport simply mailed out to the home address on the application. If you ask to pick it up, instead of trusting it to the mail (it's just plain US 1st class mail - no signature, no tracking), even if you tell them you are coming back to pick it up later in the day, or (somewhat more likely) the next day, there's a solid chance you'll find out they dropped it in the mail instead of holding it for you. Once it's gone out like this, there's no getting it back, and you need to wait for it to arrive in the mail. This is part of why it's so critical to do this early in the 14 day period.

    I used to own a travel agency with a passport desk, in case you were wondering...
  31. Go to Lucky's Bar & Grill in Brownsville. Ask for Carlos Ramirez. He is usually in the back booth. Best 'Yote I know.

    He can also help you get non-organic items across the border.
  32. Hire a coyote to take you across the border.
  33. So, um, what did the consular office of the Mexican Embassy say when you called to ask them if this was true?

    (202) 728-1600
  34. We filled out our kids passports on line and had them printed out ready to go. We also like mentioned above made an appointment. Had ours done at the local post office, we are way out in the boonies. They kept the kids birth certificates and mailed them back with the passports. They also not only required both my wife and my birth certificate but also looked at our passports and if I remember correct kept our birth certificates and mailed them back with the kids. Again, we did this at a local post office.

    Make sure when your child goes in for the photo they don't have a shirt with writing visible on it. My kid did and I had to give her my t-shirt for the photo.

    Like mentioned above don't sign the paperwork in advance, has to be done in person in front of a notary.

    Know these were not questions you were asking but threw them in.

    Have fun on your trip!

  35. Make sure you get back before the expiry date. I hear it costs like $5k to get back if it expires and the Minuteman Project might detain you for border patrol.
  36. Why would you want to go to Mexico?