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Passing of Houston Police Department's First Black Officer-Edward A. Thomas

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"On Monday morning the Houston Police Department announced the death of retired Senior Police Officer Edward A. Thomas.

Thomas died Monday morning at the age of 95 of natural causes.

On July 27 the department's 26-story Travis Street building was renamed for Thomas, who served 63 years with HPD. He was known as "Mr. Thomas" around the department by friends and fellow officers.

"Mr. Thomas persevered and served with dedication and hard work. At the time of his retirement, he was the most revered and respected officer within the Houston Police Department," the department said in a statement Monday."

I love that he was from Houston Police Cadet Class#1. My hat's off for this most senior officer! May he finally rest in peace.
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R.I.P. Officer Thomas. You did good.

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63 years as a member of HPD?

Kudos. Being the first black cop in HPD, he was a pioneer and trail blazer.

RIP Officer Thomas. Thank you for your service.
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