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    Bob woke up after the annual office Christmas party with a
    pounding headache, cotton-mouthed and utterly unable to recall
    the events of_ the preceding evening._ After a trip to the
    bathroom, he made his way downstairs, where_ his wife put some
    coffee in front of him.

    "Louise," he moaned, "tell me what happened last night. Was it
    as bad as I think?"

    "Even worse," she said, her voice oozing scorn. "You made a
    complete ass of_ yourself. You succeeded in antagonizing the
    entire board of directors and_ you_ insulted the president of
    the company, right to his face."

    "He's an idiot," Bob said. "Piss on him!"_ "You did," came the
    reply. "And he fired you."

    "Well, screw him!" said Bob. "I did. You're back at work on