Items for sale all items have shipping included. Will ship out of Alabama. Please give 2-3 days to get shipped out since I have a crazy work schedule.
(Holsters from left to right)
Glock 19 with aplc 35
Sig p365 45
Sig p365 45
Glock 19 with aplc 50
Urban carry lockleather holster 45
Mag feeder (brand new) 35 SOLD
Sig Romeo MSR 75 SOLD
Gen 5 backstraps 25 each set
43x factory slide stop 15
Pierce grip plug for Glock 26
Zev pro connector 13 SOLD
Glock 17 guide rod 25
UTG red dot 45. SOLD
Glock 19 flush and crown barrel 85
Glock 43x trigger and bar 30
Glock 19 gen 5 trigger, bar and housing SOLD
Connectors 7
Hyve 43x blue mag release 20 SOLD
Gen 5 Glock 19 factory mag release 15
Vickers base pad 7
Mck micro Roni Gen2 (brand new). 225. SOLD
Sig p226 armory craft base pad 20
Sig p226 mags 60. SOLD
P229 holster black leather 20
Sig p320 with tlr1hl holster 40
P365x grip module with strike industries band 50
Sig Romeo zero shroud 15
P365 baseplates 80 for all

If you are looking to purchase multiple items please message me and will give a deal.

Wood Font Hardwood Flooring Luggage and bags

Sports equipment Automotive tire Handgun holster Font Personal protective equipment

Hand Glove Grey Automotive exterior Safety glove

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Wood

Finger Material property Gadget Composite material Household hardware

Gesture Thumb Tints and shades Service Electric blue

Hood Automotive tire Automotive design Grey Bumper

Material property Font Bag Cable Fashion accessory

Finger Gesture Nail Thumb Rim