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    A dear old lady bought two female parrots. When she got them home they spoke to her. "Hi were Hookers. Fancy some business?". She was terribly upset and decided to go to her priest and seek his advice.
    When she told him of her plight, he said "well I have two male parrots and they are well behaved - I've taught them to say their prayers and made each one a little rosary which they use all the time"
    He suggested she brought her parrots to his place and felt sure they would learn from his and would begin the behave much better. So the old lady took her parrots to the priest and he placed them beside his two. They looked at each other for a few minutes; then the females said " Hi we're hookers fancy some business?"
    The one male parrot looked at his mate and said "Fred put the rosary away our prayers have been answered!!"